Wellllll OF COURSE I DID!!!

Without a doubt, if I picked a time of my life that had the most memories and effect on my memories or the things I say, it would be the years at WSU with Dave, Scott, Jim and I.

The Strohs Bros! I was NOT the tall one, and check out the wall paper

No matter how long its been, there are just times that a phrase, word or saying from these days just want to jump into current conversations. Today was one of those days…Today was one of those days that I volunteered to work at Dusted Valley, you can add the hashtag, WillWorkForWine!

I got there early and I had time to go for a walk along the trail early on.

It was funny, I ran into a guy with a backpack, who was yelling about the Galactic Overlords being in control. He was saying, “They will be here soon, and will take over your souls!” Truthfully, I am not sure if he was nuts, or just someone current on news about the Douchewaffle president…  I chose NOT to ask him…

Early on, we were DEAD! For the first hour, we were flat staring at each other, and I was pretty sure Billy, the tasting room manager, was going to send me home. This woulda been ok, as the rains had stopped and I coulda gone riding! But he kept me there and good thing. Along about 230, we started getting busy!

It was an interesting day…

Fisrt off, after all these years of going to Woodinville and sipping wine, for the first time I saw this

Yep, sure enough, if you can gather 15 of your friends and $350, you can pedal your way around Woodinville while tasting wine. I may have to do a gather of my people!

It was an interesting parade or people today. We had one lady who thought the Tall Tales Syrah smelled like a dirty towel.

We had another lady,Alene, who was waiting for a friend of her’s to come from Sequim. We asked her is she was having trouble finding a parking space, she replied. “I am not sure she can find Woodinville!”

We had a group of 5 ladies who were out celebrating the fact that one of their group had just earned her Phd. (People celebrate all kinds of stuff while wine tasting…) I was wondering which of them was the new Doctor. Soon, though, I saw one of them weaving and staggering, wearing a tiara, and being led to the restroom by two friends. I then knew who the new doc was!

And we had the dude who was ALL about math and cost and discounts. His wife said, “He’s an engineer, please don’t hold it against him…” They were cute!

Well, after 5 hours, I was tired, and we were shutting the door.

Andrew was another volunteer and just so happened to be a bike rider. We started talking about rides we had taken as we had the chance to taste.

Editors note: Somewhere, My buddy Dave and I started using the phrase “WELL OF COURSE WE DID!” as in, “Did you have a beer when you were talking to her?” “WELL OF COURSE WE DID!”  The reason for telling you  this will makes sense soon.

Well, after we’d talked of a while he asked. “Well I know you aren’t one of those nut cases that wants to do the RAMROD.”

Well this popped into my head.

And it was everything I could do to hold my tongue and not say, in my most guttural voice, “WELL OF COURSE I DID!!” (See RAMROD)

He just looked at me in surprise!

I explained it was a one time only ride, on the bucket list, and had been a goal for long time. I will never do it again, but I did ride it.

He was quiet for second. Then he smiled, nodded his head, and raised his glass of wine to me. I raised mine back to him and nodded back.

I won’t lie, it gave my ego a bit of a boost. He has ridden many of the same routes I have, but he gave me props for doing something he would never try.

I know its silly, but it felt damn good getting respect from another rider. The day ended with wine in my glass, a smile on my face, and the desire to ride like the wind!

It was a great day at the winery. I am glad I volunteered!

4 thoughts on “Wellllll OF COURSE I DID!!!

  1. Mountainstroh may seem all innocent and everything, but he’s been around the block a time or two…and not just when it comes to his bicycle! I’m assuming you and Andrew didn’t talk about mountain climbing, for instance. 😉

    1. Andrew and I didn’t, but one of the people tasting and I were discussing hiking and he said, “You might not have gotten up as far as Camp Muir…. ” his wife laughed hard when I said “I think I’ve been there at least 10 times….”

      He went back to sipping the wine

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