Reward for a Good Deed!

As you may or may not know, I am known in real life as Cold and Callous Valente. I try to hide out and keep to myself. I do fun raiser bike rides, and donate to others doing the same type of thing, but I don’t volunteer that often.

To make up for this, Michelle, my gorgeous wife,

has a HUGE heart and likes to help others. She also knows she can volunteer me as well, as I am always happy to help and be with her. This weekend was one of those times…

Every month or so, people at our office at the Mighty P, gather together at a local church to make and serve breakfast for those in need. As they were short handed, Michelle stepped up, which means I did as well. This was our second time doing this in 2017.

I have to admit, given my views on religion, I am always a bit apprehensive stepping into a church. I can’t help but wonder if this is going to happen.

This time it turned out the oatmeal person was not able to make it. I was handled a wooden stirring paddle as tall as my waist and dubbed “Oatmeal Boy!” I made sure NOT to watch the huge pot of water as it heated (a watched pot NEVER boils you know) and  dumped in the entire bag of oats. I then used my monster paddle to stir and keep it from sticking. 25 minutes or so later it was ready and my arms were TIRED!

I was hoping to hide out and NOT get drafted for serving, but when if became clear that no one else was stepping up, and I was gonna get drafted, I volunteered to serve the ham slices. Michelle was next to me doing pancakes and using the clicker to count the plates. (We served over 200 plates of food) The word was given and for the next two hours we were serving non stop!

During a lull, I overheard the strangest church conversation behind me. Now granted I have VERY few trips to church to compare it to, but it seemed different!

Two of the regular church going volunteers were discussing the bible. That in itself was not the weird part. I was kinda tuning them out when I heard, “I am NOT a fan of the Old Testament. You have to plow your way through all the shit before you get to the important part of the story!”  Whoa! Are you allowed to say shit in church? Especially in reference to the bible?  Now I was REALLY worried about the lightning!

I know I have posted how tired I am after 6 hours volunteering at the winery, well these 3 hours of cooking and serving are even harder! I was exhausted!  I was yawning, joints were snapping and I just wanted to sit! It then struck me why I really like the one thing I do every year to give back to the community. donating blood.

When I donate, I come in, I lay down, I rest for 15 minutes, and then I get a cookie and juice! I get back to my desk rested and ready to go! By the time we were done yesterday, I was ready for a nap! I am happy to report there were NO lightning strikes.

However we had errands to run as well, as well as getting ready for the week to come. No rest for the weary!

After we got home and finished I noticed it was still early! HEY, thought I, why not head over to Woodinville and reward ourselves with good wine! 10 minutes later we were gone!

LORD, I think the entire state had the same idea! Woodinville was nuts with traffic, nor was there a parking spot to be found. In one spot, where cars had parked in other cars, the owners of one of the stuck cars were PISSED!! (I would be too.) I think we musta built up some good Karma that morning as we were very lucky. A lady was just leaving as we got to a spot. We pulled in, parked  and walked to Chandler Reach.

Folks, our wineries spoil us rotten. The ladies behind the bar were swamped! The place was packed.  Each of them still made sure to come say hi to us. Better yet, they didn’t put the tasting list they were giving to everyone else in front of us. They poured us tastes from all the extra open ones under the bar! I think the fact I offered to carry a case our for someone  never hurts!

In addition to wine, they also had a “Pop Up Shop” going on in the back. Clothing, hand made greeting cards and cupcakes were back there for sale. I love cupcakes, but I thought as long as I stayed at the bar while Michelle checked it out, I was safe.

But the cupcake lady was an EVIL woman….

YEP, free samples were on the bar. And not only on the bar but RIGHT next to me…  5 samples later (and yes they were DAMN good!) it was time to leave.

We of course can’t go tasting without going to Dusted Valley

It was a fun visit, Billy and Shawna were working, the place was busy and wine was tasty. We flat had a good time and great wine!

There is an old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished!” but yesterday I made sure to reward Michelle (and myself) for doing good for others! She is a good influence on me!

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  1. Great post! You’re a riot! I love the photo summarizing your thoughts of church (I’m the same way) and your overhearing of the Bible story. What a hoot!

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