There is just something about May

In the past, I used to do a blog post at the end of each month called Racking up the miles. In it, I would recap the month of riding, the amount of miles I accomplished, the high and low points during the month, and share my favorite photos. Somewhere along the way I stopped doing this. Maybe one of these days I will start again.

Looking back though, over the history of this blog, more so than any other, May has always been an interesting month…

I’m not sure why this is. Part of it, for sure is the weather. The days are longer, and, usually, start to get warmer. It does still rain as shown here last May

But it is not NEAR as often.

May is also when some of the longer rides of the year start happening. Reach the Beach

Finished Reach the Beach

Mayday Classic

Plenty of views of the mountain on the Mayday Classic

And my first ever century, the Flying Wheels

This photo was the 25 mile route the Manchild did with me, our only real ride together, but was also in May!

Eric and Dad at the starting line of Flying Wheels 2009

I also, these last 2 years, get in a Century ride of my own in May. I make the run to Sequim and back. Since the May Day classic is no more, this route has taken its place for me.

Last year, in May I got to Ride With Joe Kurmaskie for his book release

And rode along the Oregon Coast to one of my favorite lighthouses, Cape Meres

Last May was also my first Tri-State month. I rode in Oregon, Washington, and for the first time ever, Idaho

Also, while putting together this post, I noticed some of my favorite photos taken while riding were in May! Here are just a few:

There are many MANY cyclist who care only about the miles and speed. They keep their heads down, legs moving, and only look forward to keep from crashing. To them its fun, to me it aint, The photos you see here show I like to stop, look, and remember the experiences.

That being said, being an ex math and science teacher, I still like numbers. This means I do keep track of the miles I cover for each month and year. The last three years running have been big mile totals. In fact, last May was the first time ever I rode 600 miles in a month.

This May started slow, Weather was NOT good, and I had to teach a 3 week class. There was NO WAY in my mind I would ever hit last year’s numbers. My mind did NOT reckon with my wife! She made a point to make sure I got out once or twice a week after work. Slowly the miles started to climb. Then, there was the 100 mile ride a couple of weekends ago to (you guessed it) Sequim! Funny how a 100 mile day does add to the stats!

Then, this weekend, I took a look and realized, “Hell yes! I can reach 600!” Yesterday I rode to the Seattle office in the morning, and took the long way home. Along the way I got soaked by a sudden squall!

My legs were tired, but I needed a few more miles to break last years record. I won’t lie, getting not the bike this morning was NOT easy. But I made it to work. Then even though the legs were still barking at me, I saddled up for another long after work ride.

In the end, I went farther than I planned, 35 miles! But with the 5 mile morning commute, I ended May with 634 miles! By far the most ever. I am surprised, happy, and the owner of some very tired legs!

I also had some great rides. The best part is that the summer is still young! June has the Tour de Blast coming up. When the snow melts some more, there will be a ride or two in Rainier. The main reason I keep track of the miles is to know I’ve done enough to get in cycling shape. Once I get there (and I think I am!) I can go anywhere!

Bring it on!!!


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  1. I think reviews are great but they don’t have to be on a monthly basis — some other time periods are good, too, such as seasons. For now, it’s onward to summer! Whenever it stops raining, that is.

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