LardButt 1K or Run for the Doughnuts!

So, over the course of a year, Michelle and I sign up for different events. 5 Kilometers runs, half marathons and century bike rides. Anyone who follows this blog knows we like to keep active.

Now somewhere in our events we saw a sign for the LardButt 1 K! A one kilometer (.62 mile) walk and/or run in which they place doughnut stops every 250 meters.

OK how could we NOT sign up???….

For the last 10 days, Michelle has been fighting a combination ear and sinus infection. Folks, let me tell you that just SUCKS for the poor girl! We signed up LONG ago, though, for the LardButt. So, early this morning, when I offered to skip the event if she was still hurting, she told me, in no uncertain purposes, “NO!!!” OK, the event was on!

Now, in my opinion, a momentous endeavoer, such as a 1 kilometer doughnut course, does not call for your typical  apparel. In fact, in my opinion, it was time to bust out super hero  mode!

Yep, Kilt, socks, sandals and a Coug hat were called for here! I took the opportunity to suit up for the day. Somehow, though, I get the feeling the cat was NOT excited with my wardrobe…

However, my Battlemode Look at her sent her back to bed!

We made it to Magnuson park about 8:30. As we approached the designated parking area, Michelle noticed a number of cars circling and looking for a parking spot. Instead of being a lemming and following them, Michelle suggested we go the opposite direction to find an easier spot to park. As usual, she was correct! We found a spot and missed the issues caused by this dork who parked in the middle of a driving aisle.

Yep sure as hell, this guy got tired of looking for a spot and put his car in the middle of a driving lane… People were NOT happy!

As you saw above, I broke out the kilt this morning for this run. It just seemed like the right thing to do! In most cases, when wearing a kilt, I become a center of attention. Today, I wasn’t even a second thought… You may wonder why. These photos might help you understand.

In short, the kilt was boring…

Prior to the walk/run starting, we ran into Carla and Lane, people we used to work with.

They are very nice people, BUT they LOVE to talk… They found us in the beer garden with our free, pre-event, mimosa. As we all know, orange juice prevents scurvy, so the organizers were doing the best to keep us healthy!

Lane and Carla chatted away, and it gave us a chance to catch up with them. But as we know, we ALL have a secret power. Mine happens to be getting us OUT of small talk. So yep, as soon as our cheap mimosas were done, I quickly extricated us from the small talk! We were soon moving toward the starting line!

We had originally signed up for the walking wave, but we decided to join the fast wave, (with the T Rex above). This not only got us to the donuts sooner, but got us heading home quicker as well.

The route took us around a soccer pitch, on the pitch was a team playing Irish Football. This is a combination of soccer and rugby. Who knew they had their own game.

Sure as heck, they had 3 donut stands set up each 250 meters.

The first one was mobbed! So we skipped it, and I made sure to get a donut at the second one!

We were NOT there to run, but as we came to the finish, Michelle moved to the front and led us across the line!

Yes it is true, even sick,  the woman is faster than I am!

Folks it was a great morning, The weather was great

The donuts were plentiful

And I was with my favorite person in the world

It was just plain fun!! More importantly though, was the reason for the event.

Yes, it was charity event. Bringing in food for a food bank. Sure as hell, they seemed to score pretty well!

Michelle and I had a great time, and there is a pretty good chance we will do it again! For those who couldn’t be there tough, I wanted to share some highlights!

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  1. Hmmm…something tells me that EVERY runner ended up with a net calorie gain on this run. Even if for a good cause, seems like it should be a 10k…or a 100k event. 😀

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