Tourist in our own town!

Well the 4th of July is upon us! Independence Day! This year, though, it of course falls on a Tuesday. We love the day off from work, but sadly both Michelle and I had to work the Monday before and again tomorrow. This means we couldn’t get the heck out of dodge for the holiday. So it was time for a different plan…

In the past, Michelle and have tried to do something on the 4th. A few years back we went into Seattle and rode the Duck! 

The year after that, we went to Mt Rainier for the day

The last couple of years though, we haven’t done anything special on the 4th itself, but, since last year we dubbed the Summer of Adventure, later in July we took the Gondola to the top of Crystal Mountain.

This year though, we wanted to make the 4th fun!

First, the night before, we watched one of our favorite Science Fiction Movies, Independence Day.

And YES I have seen it enough time to know almost every line! This is one of our favorites!

We then took a drive to circle the lake where the local fireworks were going off, scoping out where to go next year to 1) get a great view, but 2) not get stuck with crowds and traffic! I think we found the place! (I don’t want to tell people where it is for fear of losing it!)

But what to do ON Independence day?

A couple of weeks ago it hit us. Sometime earlier this year I won these.

Two free passes to Woodlnad Park Zoo! The Mighty P, the insurance company I work for, sometimes reaches out to us unwashed masses for advice on wellness.  Asking us to share healthy foods, or tips for working out. When we participate, we have a chance of winning cool stuff.  I am sure that I said something about cycling (shocking I know, and so UNLIKE me). In return, I received these! YES!!

Editor’s Note: As we know this is Tony’s blog. I LOVE a cool zoo! Yep I know some people think having animals in zoos is wrong, they should be free. I would agree, if there were still plenty of places for animals to be free and safe, they should be. The trouble is, the natural habitats are dwindling, and animals are endangered. 

Add to it I am lucky enough to live in an area with 2 GREAT zoos. Woodland Park and Point Defiance. The animals there are not in cages, and have plenty of room to roam and play. They are healthy and stimulated. Kids and adults LOVE seeing the animals, and if it inspires even one kid a month to go into biology, zoology or veterinary sciences when he or she is older, then it has succeeded in its mission.

Yep I LOVE the zoo!

So, after sleeping in until almost 7 (we normally get up around 5 AM, so 7 is sleeping in) we had  time to eat a leisurely breakfast and lounge around. We were out the door at 9 and at the front gate when they opened at 9:30!

When we walked in, we were greeted by our first animal, a zoo classic, a zebra!

I think he slept in a bit as well, as he was still eating breakfast! Right around the corner was the giraffe house.

The giraffes normally roam with the zebras, but there has been a recent addition to the family.

In order to get them all socialized and accepting each other, these long-necked folks are spending more time enclosed. This will change when the keepers know they are ready and the little guy will be safe.

There was of course lions, and like all cats, she was hanging out in the sunbeam.

There was a snoozing Snow Leopard

And a Jaguar!

There were more local animals like Mountain Goats

And those from father away.

Sometimes locals, like the blue heron here, hung out with those from far away, such as the Humboldt penguins.

They seemed to get along quite well.

And there were some VERY cool birds.

Michelle even made friends with one!

These headless flamingoes were a little creepy though…

Michelle also made friends with a cute goat!

In addition to animals, the zoo also has a classic old Carousel. Our friend Kim, famous for being one of the sherpas last year

is a big fan of these. So whenever we come across one, we make sure to snap a few pictures for her

 We did the entire zoo, 3 miles worth of walking, and saw a whole LOT more than I have shown here. The weather was perfect, the crowds small, and it was an excellent zoo day.

Afterwards, we went to University Village for lunch, and for Michelle to do a bit of shopping. I picked out a dress that looked AMAZING on her, and I wish I had snapped a shot! But, sadly, though I agreed, it wasn’t an outfit she’d wear often enough to warrant buying. But DAMN she was cute!

All in all it was a great day. I am really not excited to go back to work tomorrow, but I am glad Michelle and I got to spend the day doing fun things!

Love you babe!


5 thoughts on “Tourist in our own town!

  1. Tony, this is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing your zoo photos! You are right, it was a perfect day to visit the zoo. You will not be surprised to hear that I spent part of the Fourth of July in Fremont — just in the morning. Helped to hand out publicity cards to advertise the boat parade in the ship canal to be held on Sunday, July 9th, beginning at 10 AM — historic re-enactment of the Opening Day of the ship canal.

  2. Your photos are so wonderful that it feels as though I, too, visited the zoo. 🙂

    I LOVE reading your posts — especially when I have a backlog of them. (Can you tell I’m back in connection with WIFI?) Your positive posts are such a contrast to all the negativity in the world. Thank you for that.

    1. I love. Flood of Sarah comments as well! It’s funny, I have done angry posts but I don’t like them. Blogging makes me smile and puts me in a good mood. I am glad it helps get you there as well. Cuz yeah, the news sucks

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