Fun time without the bike!

What’s that? Tony has a blog post that doesn’t have a bike?? What is this world coming to?!? But yes it is true, it has been a week, but during this week there has only been 2 days on the bike.

Don’t you worry though, I sure as hell got my exercise! 

So far, this has been the summer without a vacation. It was just kind of a fluke, but for 2017 we had time off in April, and we will have time off again in September/October coming up. But, during one of the roughest and busiest summers in the Mighty P, we have been working every day!

Given this, we were very much looking forward to this week. The one day we DID schedule off this summer, was August 18th, an afternoon Mariner Red Sox game at Safeco field!

Now I was born in Boston, and Michelle has always been a Boston fan.

So when the Sox come to town, we put on our gear, speak with a Boston Accent and head for the game! This year, though, she treated me to 2 games! She got us tickets for the night game on the 17th and the day game the next day! I honestly do not think I have ever been to Safeco Field two days in a row!

I have told you the past that Seattle traffic sucks. Well when there is a game in town it is ever worse! There was NO WAY in hell we wanted to drive to the Safeco Field and pay a fortune for parking. So, Michelle and I drove to the downtown office on Tuesday morning and just worked there for the day. Then at 4:30, we changed into shorts, threw anything extra in the car, and took off walking to the game!

It was 4 miles away…

It was HOT!!

But damn, watching the gridlocked traffic, hearing the honking horns and seeing the pissed off people trapped in their cars; I was SO much happier we walked! Even so, we very happy to get inside and out of the sun!

So, there is a little known fact about us and baseball! EVERY time we have gone to a Boston game when they play the Mariners, Seattle wins! It has happened here and in Fenway! (Don’t let the Boston fans know, they will ban us!)

We were hoping to break that trend…. But at the top of the 5th, it was NOT looking good! Seattle was up 4 to 1, and it was getting into the evening. Remember, we had 4 miles to walk back to the car. So, after the top of the 5th, we decided to take our jinx with us and leave.  But first we paid homage to one of the greatest ever! The Kid, Ken Griffey Jr.

The sun was mostly down, but it was still hotter than hell! (OK her 80 degrees is hot!) But it was a damn pretty night!

We were back at the car just after 10, and home about 11 PM. We checked the score to find out it was tied 4 – 4. However, we had a big day the next day! First we had another game, and even better, our niece, Abby

had called us to tell us she was coming for a surprise visit from Texas! We were going to watch most of the game and then leave to pick her up at the airport! We went to bed with the game tied. When we woke up, we found out it had lasted 13 innings, and 12:30 AM, and, alas, our streak was alive, the Mariners won!

The next day’s game started just after noon, so we had to fight traffic this time. Plus, we decided to park a little closer. (OK my legs were tired) We only had a mile one way walk this time! (OK do the math, 8 miles round trip the day before, 4 round trip this day, 12 miles of walking!)

We got to the park in plenty of time, only to find out there were surprises waiting for us!

First, we had NO idea Gandalf was going to be at the game!

Who knew there was a “Take a Wizard to the park” day??

Secondly, we were even more surprised to find out Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, was throwing out the first pitch!

That was a good omen! Sure enough, this time he Bosox took the lead and never looked back! We had to leave at bottom of the 6th, but we were up 4 – 0. As we sat in traffic fighting to get to the freeway, we listened to the end of the game on the radio! YAY!! Our personal losing streak is over!

Before leaving baseball, I will throw in one thing about bikes! The medics at Safeco field use bikes to get to those in need faster! Very cool!

We got to the airport in plenty of time, and in fact had a chance to sit and have a glass of wine before she got there! We then took her to dinner at Arnie’s (after assuring her that in the Pacific Northwest sweats are appropriate attire for any restaurant!)

The last time the poor kid was here, it rained the whole time! This time it was nice and warm (well warm to us! She has not taken off her sweatshirt since she has been here!) So, instead of hanging around town, I wrangled a second day off and we took her to Mt Rainier!

First, we hit the gondolas at Crystal

The poor kid is NOT a big fan of heights, but by about halfway to the top she was standing up and shooting photos!

At the top, the mountain was a bit cloudy

But there was still plenty to see!

Michelle and I took over a couple of chairs at the cliffs edge

Abby decided to hang back from the ledge a bit!

We also had lunch at the highest restaurant in the state! Great food and fun.

This sign in the place was a bit worrisome though

It was still early in the afternoon when we rode back down the gondola, so I decided to take us into the park and up to Sunrise.

When we got to the turn into the park we were met with a surprise! This was RAMROD day! Ride Around Mt Rainier in One Day. I rode this back in 2015 (See Sturdy Bike, COUG Shirt, it must be Tony!) I had no idea it was running.  There were some tired cyclists cranking at the last 30+ miles of hard 150 mile day! I remember it well!

We, though, were off to Sunrise! With the RAMROD running though, all rangers were out in the park in case of problems. This meant the entry gate was empty and there was a sign telling us to go on in!  (BOOM! Saved $25 for the entry fee!))

Suffice it to say the views, flowers and chipmunks were worth the drive!

These were things a girl from Texas just doesn’t see every day!

Sadly, after this, it was time to head home. I had to dodge about 50 cyclists in all, but I gave them PLENTY of room. I only had to slow down a couple of times to pass them safely.

All in all it was an eventful and fun 3 days! Sadly, today was back to work, but I did get back on the bike to ride to Seattle! It is SO much easier to get there on a bike!

Folks, if you get the chance, GO to Mt Rainier. If it’s too far, go to your closest National Park! You will NO regret it!

PS, OK maybe there was a bike mention or two…

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