A new Milestone and a new name!

Long, LONG ago when Michelle convinced me (and correctly so) that I wanted to be a blogger, the Mountainstroh blog was called 10,000 miles of Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts! Somewhere along the line I made the rule that I would change the name every 5000 miles. Now at the time, I thought it would be a LONG assed time between name changes!

Little did I know what would really happen…

I started this game in January of 2013. Hopefully since my first attempts, I have gotten better at the blog posts I have written! (Only those of you who read them can tell me!) Well  here I am, less than 5 years later, and I am once again making a name change! Sure enough, while riding Thursday after work, about the time I hit Fremont, the odometer ticked over to this momentous number!

There is a part of me that holds this number is disbelief! 30000 miles??? What the hell!!

Ok, yes, I would be lying if I didn’t admit there are a bit of bragging rights that didn’t come along with this number! Honestly, the only people I know who have more miles are my blogger/Facebook friends Joe Kurmaskie and Sarah Burch! These legs of mine have propelled me quite a ways… More than I ever thought would happen.

But today, as I pushed myself outside to ride, I remembered this:

And it started me thinking about this blog!

YES, no lie, the miles mean a lot to me! Having been the non athletic one in school and in turn been given crap about it in college, makes me damn proud of myself! How many high school athletes have done half as much!

But, more important than the miles are the memories and experiences! Part of why this blog has gone on so long is so I can share this stuff with you! A year ago this last week, Rob and I rode the Oregon Coast. Over 400 miles of waves, beach, rocks, hills and life! Yes it was amazing to finish, but just being on the road, alone with our thoughts and senses, that’s what made it the memory to keep. I was very happy to post the highlights of every day!

Just today, as I pushed myself to saddle up (and DAMN it was not easy) I kept an eye on the sights around me. First there were the hot air balloons, taking people on adventures of their own.

Then I ran into a new cycling bridge that had just opened!

While exploring that, I ran into something that had never been seen before! A hugemongous croquet set! How big? Well look.

And this is what I am trying to explain. If all I got out of cycling was miles, in essence treating it like a work out and exercise, I woulda quit long ago. I could get that kind of work out from spin bitch

No, the reason I have been able to ride for so many miles is I love the sights, memories and experiences! I have seen otters batting each other, salmon fighting their way upstream, a bikini clad girlfriend haul off and slap her boyfriend, a cyclist run into the back of a parked pickup (and end up in the bet of the truck), a giant fir-tree cut down, and a whale spouting ALL from the bike! And this is just the top of my memory in a 30 second brain dump! There has been SO many other things!

January marks the 10th anniversary of my starting as a cyclist, and I don’t see a damn thing our there to stop me! Who knows how long the riding will continue, but I hope as long as it does, I will keep sharing it with you here!

I also want to thank all of you who tag along with me on these posts! Not all can be all that great, hell some have to be boring! But I very much appreciate y’all riding along! Hope you will keep doing so!

Like the wind!


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  1. A big, hearty CONGRATULATIONS! That’s super-duper awesome! So very proud of you! Not only is it a respectable mileage, but as you point out, those miles have enabled you to see some pretty damn awesome things that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. 😀

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