It seemed like a much easier plan in my head!

So this week is Michelle’s birthday! We won’t say which one of course, but to me she still looks like she is a hot chick in her 30s!

Her birthday is Thursday, so I wanted to do something fun on one of the weekends around it.

Next weekend I am taking the Manchild back to college, so that meant this weekend was it. I came up with a plan…

So in my head the plan went like this. 1) I booked a night at the Inn at Langley. One of our favorite getaways just across the Puget Sound on Whidbey Island.

2) Since Michelle had a prearranged hair appointment (one does NOT cancel a hair appointment) we would catch a ferry about noon, and be there at 1230.

3) With it being after Labor Day, the town would be sleepy and quiet, just us. Time to walk around, enjoy the views and eat great food.

4) In short the perfect birthday weekend!

Yep, that was the plan….

So, the morning started right, Michelle made it to the gym, and I got a 30 mile ride in. Then she was off to the hair appointment as I got everything ready to go. She gave me a call to tell me she was on the way. This is when it started going downhill….

For the heck of it I decided to take a look at the ferry schedule

Now I know a lot of people like Whidbey Island. This is a short crossing from Mukilteo to Clinton on the Island. Once the boat is loaded, it’s about a 20 minute trip. With the later start in the day, I fully expected a 2, maybe at worst a 3 boat wait. To give us an idea, I decided to bust open the ferry web page. (and this is where the plan in my head took a hard left when it came to real life!) I had to read it 3 times to make sure I understood what it said. There was a 3 hour wait for the boat!


Sitting and going nowhere for 3 hours is NOT fun!!

OK plan B, there is a another way to the island. You drive north for 71 miles and cross the Deception Pass bridge

Then drive 45 miles south to Langley. It’s a pretty drive over the bridge, but until then and after its pretty dull. All freeway. But even with traffic, the 116 miles SHOULD be faster and less boring than waiting in a ferry line for 3 hours. ROAD TRIP!!!

As always, we do our best to make the best of things. My plan had been to have lunch in Langley, but instead Michelle came up with the excellent idea of stopping at one of her favorite little towns La Conner. We found free parking and went to place called Nell Thorn. There was a wait for the dining room, but in the bar we got a window seat right by the water.

The food was great, but the people behind us a little annoying. They were VERY loud talkers. And were explaining to their older mom (maybe she was hard of hearing) “Yeah, a hurricane hit sometime this week, maybe it was last weekend…” and “OH, I really need to buy a boat!” Then, of all things a VERY loud grace was said when the food came. Not only was it loud it was LONG! They had to mention every single relative…  I have no qualms with grace being said, but lets be a bit quicker please! I feel weird eating my food when others are praying…

OK meal is done and we are on the road! Soon we are across the bridge and heading south! Traffic was heavy on the island, but moving. And at 3:40, we were in town! It took about the same amount of time it would have if we took the boat, but it was a LOT less boring and we had good food!

OK! back on track!! We checked in and we went on a walk around town! Time for the head plan to be back! A quiet walk around an empty small town and relaxation…

Or so I thought.

As we walked around, carloads of strange-looking people started arriving…

They were wearing loud bells, carrying big sticks, accordions and fiddles. They were arriving by the van load. They were shouting to each other and to random people. One saw us and said, “Perfect! You are just in time to get a front row seat or run away before it starts!” We ran! And dove into the Ott & Murphy winery.

Inside, Lilly told us these were the Morrismen (an English dance troop) who converge on Langley once a year. Sure as hell, the day I planned for a quiet escape for Michelle was that day…

OK, no worries, it will be quiet in the winery, and we can share a glass of wine. NOPE!!

First there was the loud guy who was heading to Point Roberts and very opinionated about the place. Next there was the Mixed marriage couple (you KNOW what I mean, UW Husky hubby and WSU wife) the hubby had had entirely too much wine and was VERY loud as well…

However, we sat on our own on a couch, tuned out the inside noise from the other patrons, and the outside noise from the Morrismen. We outlasted them both. By the time we asked for a second glass, the rest of the patrons had left and the belled crazy people were packing up. Finally peace and quiet with a view of the water…

With quiet coming over the town, we had an excellent dinner, and went back to the room to relax.

I was laying in bed reading and glanced outside to see a group of people on the beach who released lanterns onto the water. I am not sure why they did this, but it was VERY pretty.

Even cooler, as I watched the lanterns, there was a pretty damn big fireworks display going on off in the distance. It made the lantern people very happy!

Well the morning came around, and things seemed better, I looked outside and saw this guy walking around

And we had an excellent breakfast at the hotel DAMN good coffee cake! We caught a ferry after a walk for coffee and had an easy trip home. Hell, even traffic didn’t get bad until we got to our exit.

Life was good…. That is until we got home and heard water spraying!! Yep, something went wrong with the fridge and it had been leaking LUCKILY we weren’t gone long, and the water on the floor was minimal! I got the feeder line shut off and disaster averted!

So, in short, the special peaceful, quiet weekend for my lovely bride did NOT happen. BUT,  as she has told me time and again, the fact that I care enough to make a plan like this and do everything I can to make it happen counts far more than than the outcome. AND, with everything, we were still together and had fun! Plus, it will very much be a memorable birthday weekend!

Love you babe!

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  1. Apparently age does not affect a woman is so able to go with the flow of things. 🙂 That lantern launch…and the fireworks? Those were clearly for Michelle’s birthday. Happy 30th birthday, Michelle!!! ;0)

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