Really too tired for tomorrow to be Monday!

Michelle and I ask a question to ourselves all the time: How do we get so busy! This weekend is a classic example! And as I sit here Sunday night building a blog post, I am thinking that I am just damn tired and REALLY not excited that tomorrow is Monday…

So the work day ended early Friday as one of my students had to drive home to Spokane (300 miles away). She will sign in remotely for the next week of class. I was pretty damn excited to have an afternoon off. My goal was to come home and sit for bit. I knew Saturday I was taking the Manchild up to Western Washington University for his second year of college, and Sunday I had a 60 mile HILLY ride on Bainbridge. An afternoon to sit was a good thing!

Didn’t happen.

Turns out the kid forgot a box of stuff he needed for school at his mom’s place 30 miles south of here in Federal Way. Now for some, 30 miles is a 30 minute drive. For us here in the Seattle area, it aint. We left at one and got there a little after 2. Then grabbed the items, and made a beeline back. Round trip, to get one box, 2.5 hours! But we got it!

We were back in time to have dinner and make it to the Movies. I highly recommend The Kingsman II!

Next day we were up, loaded and heading north at 9:30. He is staying in  dorm up there and our move in time was 11 – 1130. The kid was a bit stressed when we were packing. “Do I need all this? Will it all fit? Did I forget anything?” Were questions asked time and time again. Well, in my past I was a bag boy at a commissary. I have YET to meet a stack of stuff I can’t get into a vehicle!

Now I have one rule when driving with him. As the passenger, he is in charge of all music! I will tell you, there are times that there are things played that I am not even sure are music! But, its stuff he likes, and I get to know him better. He does take pity on me though, and we had both Bon Jovi and Journey! It was a fun quick ride! No matter how many times I have seen him stressed, even a short roadtrip together seems to cheer him up!

When got there the volunteer staff had things hopping! I was told where to wait, had a 12 year old (OK she was probably 19) tell me in NO uncertain terms when and where to back up to. Then the kids unloaded the SUV. The Manchild then went to get his key as I kept an eye on the stuff. Soon kids with hand trucks arrived and started hauling it up!

Once the last item was taken, he and I moved the car to a local high school, walked back, and then climbed 7 flights of stairs (elevators were busy!) to check out the room! Then when all was delivered we walked back DOWN the stairs and to the highschool for groceries. Then parked and walked back UP the stairs WITH 3 heavy bags of food! It’s a damn good thing I work out!

Well the food was unpacked and I know when its time to leave. He hadn’t seen his friends in a while, so we walked back down the stairs! (LORD I WAS TIRED!) and I walked to the high school. Fired up the car, looked down and there was kids cell phone!

(OK immediately I thought, I better call him and let him know I have his phone…. )

Back OUT of the car…. Yeah you know the drill! Luckily he saw me from his window and I yelled “CELL PHONE!!!” holding his high. He came down to me!

Made it home in time to take Michelle to Woodinville for a bit of wine! Mission accomplished!

This morning it was time to ride! It was the Kitsap Color Classic. Approximately 60 miles of hills and rural roads on Bainbridge island.

Y’all know how much I live rides that start with a ferry trip. And even though cloudy, there views were still pretty from the boat

On Washington State Ferries, the bikes are the first to board and get off. As we bikes were heading out of town in the right lane, a couple of dumbass riders noticed they missed a turn, so, without looking, they started making a hard left from the right lane. A full-sized diesel pickup almost made them road pizza!! Come on people pay attention!

The first loop of the ride took me to a town called Hansville, right on the water.

I like this part as it is ALL back roads. A very quiet and traffic free 20 miles. Sadly, they used light blue spray paint to mark the route, and quite often I came close to missing a turn. It prevented the zen cycling state a bit!

As I finished the loop I made it to the start of the longer loop to Poulsbo. Now on this ride, cyclist have the choice of doing either loop on its own, or both like me. As I made the turn to the 45 mile loop I had a group who turned on it at the same time. Some of the ladies realized it was the longer harder loop and wanted to turn back. One of the guys yelled, “The bikes have chosen the direction! Namaste! Take the day!!” I got past them before I found out their final choice…. The ladies seemed UNHAPPY!

The best line of the day happened here at Port Gamble

As I was looking over Puget Sound I saw a seal. Two older guys next to me saw it and said, “Look a seal, and me without my shotgun!!” My head whipped to look at him but his buddy called him out and said “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!”

“Hey!” he replied, “I’m Canadian! We will shoot, skin, and eat anything!” The friend realized his chain was being yanked, and I ended up giggling! Those nutty Canucks!

The rest of the ride wasn’t that eventful. A lot of hills! Some decent views

One good food stop but only portapotties for a big ride!??

Last year when I had done this ride, it was barely a week after finishing the Oregon coast. My legs were dead and the bike was in pretty bad shape (needed a tune up!) This ride was miserable! (though I finished!) I wanted to try it again with fresh legs!

I finished feeling SO much better than last time. But honestly I am not sure I will do this ride again. Even though I found some things to take pictures of, it just really isn’t that scenic, and it is not my favorite route.

So, I made it home and we got the errands and chores done we couldn’t do Saturday. Meaning, simply put, I am one tired cowboy!! Tomorrow is gonna be a LONG day!

Like the wind!

4 thoughts on “Really too tired for tomorrow to be Monday!

  1. A tired cowboy, indeed! But, boy, you DO know how to maximize your weekends! Now that Monday is here, I hope you can rest a bit. You are definitely one of those people for who it seems the work week is the time to rest. Silly Mountainstroh! 😀

      1. Ha! Your weekday rest need not be sleep. Rather, it’s just that you’re not moving a million miles a minute. There were days, back in my working life, when my weekends were so busy that my workdays (dare I say??) seemed relaxing.

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