Resting(?) at the beach after the 100 mile ride!

There are a LOT of options for me during the year to ride century rides. Quite often I choose the ones I do for the ending spot.

It works even better when we can combine the end of the ride with some time off for Michelle and I. With this weekend’s ride ending at Westport on the Washington Coast


it was an opportunity for a long weekend…

Westport is a small town, and hotels are not abundant. So instead we found the Cranberry Cottage on VRBO

It is a tiny little place a few miles south of Westport in Grayland, you can’t see the ocean but you can hear it! We loved the place.

After the great Dungeness Crab melt sandwich I had for dinner, and a couple of glasses of Dusted Valley wine in our cottage, I was not speaking in complete sentences! So at 730 it was bed time!

The next morning, after waking up in a bed so tall I had to jump into it, we were hungry! Yelp told us the place within walking distance was closed on Sundays (which turned out to be incorrect) , so we went into Westport to the Blue Buoy. It was one of the top listings in town. When we got there the place was HOPPING! But we got a table.

The two servers and the bus girl were flying trying to take care of everyone! I think they were suffering from a lot of my cycling friends who woke up hungry like I did! It took a while for the coffee to show up and longer for the order to be taken. BUT, when I see people busting their ass in a busy place, I don’t complain. They did their best,

When I was ordering I flat missed a breakfast sandwich. Michelle pointed it out to me. I am SO glad she did, it was a best sandwich I can remember having in quite a while for breakfast! By the time the food showed up, I was too hungry to wait and take a picture but it was worth it!

We went back to the cottage after breakfast, and, since I rode 100 miles the day before, we sat on our butts….

Yeah you know THAT didn’t happen!

We got changed and got ready to go for a walk on the beach!! Cuz why go the ocean if you don’t walk in the surf! As we drove there, we saw the restaurant closer to us HAD been open! Oh well…

Once of the things that surprised me were these

I am used to seeing these huge windmills in eastern Washington, but this is the first I have seen at the coast.

For the record, I much prefer the Oregon coast, with its rocks and sea stacks. But, I very much enjoyed our walk here.

I found it strange as we walked that there were very few seagulls to be seen. We did find a couple though.

But I am used to SO many more!

As we walked Michelle noticed this ahead.

There is a seagull convention! There they were, just hanging out. Being the science geek I am I of course tried to figure out why. My first thought was warm sun?  Turns out I was NOT even close.

Last may, a juvenile gray whale had washed up on the beach. According to some quick Google research, crabs at high tide and seagulls at low are helping the decomposition of the poor thing. Circle of life! We were very surprised that it didn’t smell! Luckily the wind was strong from the water, blowing any odors the away from us! After eating, the gulls would swim and wash a bit. Then rest on the beach and go back to eat! Life is good for gulls this year!

By the time we turned around and got back to the car, we had 5.2 miles under our belts! Walking was no issue, but anytime I had to run to avoid a big wave my legs let me know they were tired!

After that, we headed back to kick back for a while. Reading, blogging, and honestly relaxing a little bit. It was a nice afternoon.

We of course simply hung out the rest of the day to finally relax….

Yeah once again that did NOT happen!

One of the things I learned as I rode into town was that Westport had a lighthouse! I love lighthouses!

So instead of sitting the rest of the day, I got a wild hair to take us to see it! My plan was simply to get this picture! When get got there I learned 2 things. 1) this is the tallest lighthouse in Washington (133 stairs) and 2) you can climb to the top!! OH YEAH!

I gave Will $10 for two climbing tickets and then met Lowell for our quick lesson on the lighthouse. We learned a LOT! But the one thing that struck me was how far away from the water the lighthouse was.  When it was built, it was essentially right on the shore! But thanks to people building a jetty, which changed the currents. sand has been deposited over the last 100+ years. It is now almost 1/2 a mile away from it! The new land has become a bog, which leads to hordes of mosquitoes! Luckily they were not there today!

The inside of course had a winding stairwell. (the first looking up the second looking down)

The top had the classic Fresnel Lens

And great views!

It was well worth the trip! And surprisingly the legs were feeling pretty damn good!

Our plan for dinner was to snack, cheeses, meat, crackers. We stopped at a little shop for some smoked salmon. We told the owner we had just gone up to the top of the lighthouse. She replied, “I’ve NEVER been able to do that! It’s always closed when I go!!” Looks like we got lucky!

So back to the house, broke out the snacks, some wine, and just relaxed the rest of the night…

Yeah you KNOW that didn’t happen!!

In every post that involves us going to the beach, there are sunset photos! So, after hitting Google for the correct time, I was back at the beach! Here are this trips entries!

And, one mustn’t slight the moon!

OK! Now, after getting to the cottage, I poured a glass of wine, and just sat!  A good day!

This morning, we slept in until almost 8 AM (that NEVER happens!) and then made our way to the closer place for breakfast. As we walked in, we found out we were the only customers so far. A much quieter breakfast! The husband and wife owners were very surprised we were wearing shorts when it was only 50 outside!

When the meal arrived, I was complimenting it to Mr owner. Turns out Mrs is the cook. He told us he gets spoiled at home when she cooks, and then he gave me my favorite line of the weekend. “Yep, she will break out the 33 cent box of mac & cheese, add some grated provolone cheese and chopped hotdogs, BOOM! Gourmet!!!” In my head I was thinking, “DAMN that sounds good!”

All in all, it was a great long weekend, and surprisingly traffic was easy coming home! I very much appreciate Michelle meeting me at the end of these rides and being able to spend time with here afterwards!

Love you babe!

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  1. Wow, what a great post-ride weekend! Thank you for exploring Westport for me. I’ve ridden through it a few times, but never taken the time to poke around. Looks like a great place for a relaxing weekend. Thanks for sharing!

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