Challenge Accepted!

So, this morning I was perusing my news app on the iPad. For the record, I made a point to skip the political crap that always tends to make me grouchy, It was a crisp, early Saturday, we had slept in, and I had cranked out one serious headwind 48 mile ride after work last night, I wasn’t in the mood to be cranky.

So as I scrolled through I found an article titled (paraphrasing here) “An Ebike can Take You Places a Regular Bike Never Could”  WHAT?!?!?!…

Ok, before I start a couple of things.

First what is a Ebike?  Its an electric assist bike. You pedal it, but you also have an electric motor attached to use as you see fit. You can pedal, you can get a motor boost to your pedaling, or run straight motor.

Second, I have no issues at all with Ebikes. I have seen parents loaded with kids in a cargo bike using them to haul the kids to and from daycare. Older folks enjoying the day. Commuters, who possibly live farther from work than I do, heading for the office in the wee hours of the morning.  I want people out in the fresh air, enjoying two wheels, life and sites that can only be experienced on a bike, assisted or not.

However, it was the headline I had issue with. Truly, they think there is anywhere an ebike can get to that a real bike can’t?

First let me first talk about the parents using these to transport the kids. 

I love when I see these on the trail, kids are having fun, and learning that a bike is the way to travel. But check out this bad ass mom.

I rode with her a couple of years ago for Joe Kurmaskie’s book release bike parade to Powell’s books in Portland. I can guarantee you she did NOT have an electric assist. But, even MORE bad ass, she was wearing pumps!

Sadly, her bike was stolen about a year after this picture, I never did hear if it was recovered.

But let’s talk about the “Take you places a regular bike could never go” or some such drivel.

The same Joe Kurmaskie has ridden across the Australian Outback! Try that on an ebike. (also click his name above and check out his books for even more places!)

My best blogger buddy Sarah (Honoring My Compass) (Note Photo taken from her blog)

Has ridden in Patagonia, Baja, across country, the Pacific coast and more places than I quickly mention (though check out her blog, her fold up bike shown here (Bromleigh is her name (hope I spelled it right!)) will soon be cycling in Spain! ALL with her own leg power.

Then there is yours truly. Working in the Seattle office, I commute 34 miles round trip. Longer trips just mean you leave sooner.

Last fall, Rob and I conquered hills, headwinds, bridges, and tunnels once again by pure leg power, along the Oregon coast.

I won’t lie, during some of the double hump hills and the Port Ordford day of killer headwinds, had I HAD a motor I woulda been tempted to use it! But, looking back, knowing I did ALL by leg power makes me happy!

I’ve gotten to the top of mountain passes

One of my “training hills” for the High Pass Challenge
Chinook Pass Summit

Ridden TO  the ocean

Haystack Rock just off the coast of Pacific Beach

And gone 206 miles in a day!

STP stp

Finally, the name of the blog. 30,000 miles of Experiences, Adventures and Thoughts. Each and every mile was done without any assistance from a motor. Hell, even having to walk the bike the last mile of the Oregon coast last year

was done all by leg power!

So the purpose of the post? In short is this.

Folks, I would love EVERYONE to get out and enjoy the love of the world I have from a bike. H.G. Wells once said:

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.

And I don’t care if its power assisted or not, just get out and ride.

But don’t ANYONE tell me an ebike can go places a regular bike can’t! Myself, and I friends above, will show you that is NOT true ANY day of the week!

Like the wind!

4 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

  1. I would have to agree with you about there being limitations to eBikes. It really sucks, for example, when the battery dies. 😉 That photo of the Chinook Pass Summit looks great! I gotta get myself there (via a bicycle powered by my own calories)! Is that part of the RAMROD route?

    P.S. Thanks for the kind words, friend. 🙂

    1. Sarah Chinook is not part of the RAMROD proper but if you hang a right at the top of Cayuse pass instead of a left you are about 4
      Miles away! I prefer the direct
      Route from enumclaw. Straight up 410! And you are

      1. Awesome, thanks! Don’t know when I’ll be in the Mount Rainier area next, but when that time happens, I hope I can pick your brain about the optimal route. 🙂

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