Changing on the fly!

Long time followers of the Mountainstroh blog may remember the Plan C vacation of a few years ago. Michelle and I woke up on a Saturday in the Washington, the state, planning to go to bed in Washington the DC.

That night, due to storms, a small fire, and cancelled flights, we ended up at the Oregon coast. I still have never gotten to DC, but that was a great vacation!

Sadly, this week, we had to make new plans again….

Michelle and I have been planning all year to go to San Francisco and Napa next week. Arrangements were made, rental cars reserved, and we were counting down the days. Then Monday, our friend Kim pinged about the fires down there… By that night our plans changed.

Now, first off I am NOT whining. People are losing lives, homes and livelihoods down there. Santa Rosa was hit hard. 2 years ago, this is what I remember about this town.

Now I learn that the Hilton hotel that was a mile from our pool burnt to the ground, and I am wondering if the house we stayed in is even there any more. Even Charles M Shutlz’s (the originator of Charlie Brown) house is gone.  Wineries have been destroyed, people are in shelters. People are missing. And it is still going on!

I am not sharing any current photos from the interwebs as I want to remember it the way it was when we were there!

So nope, though I am bummed we are not going, I am NOT complaining at all. Changing a vacation is SO much less important than this hell people are trying to survive!

But, we needed a Plan B! So where else would we choose? The Inn at Spanish Head in Lincoln city!

The prediction is for a few days of sun,

then a few days of rain.

This means a change in plans for packing. You know I will still be packing shorts and sandals! But I will also have wool socks to wear with them. Plus these guys! For walking in the sand.

There will be my standard complement of T-shirts, but we are also busting out the gortex! Michelle is packing her knitting, while I have a few books already downloaded on the kindle app! There will be walking but also a LOT of sitting! There won’t be as many wineries, but the food will be just as good! In short it will be a relaxing week! The bike is staying home!

So yep, I am bummed a bit, but I am also excited to saddle up tomorrow morning and head south! I will have the camera and laptop, so yall will see how much fun we are having. But this time, the bike stays home!

Bring on the waves!!

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