Plan B in full swing!

Well ladies and gents, as promised in the last post, we have made it to The Inn At Spanish Head in Lincoln city!

As always we have a great view of the water, and it has been a great day and a half!

We were on the road early on. Our goal was to be southbound at 8 AM and at 7:44 we were on I-5.  At 7:46 Michelle realized she had forgotten to pack jeans, all she had was shorts.  Now in the summer that would be ok, but in October, a long panted option is a must! I offered to turn around, but she said, “NOPE! We’ll just buy anything we forget!” And away we went.

Turns out I also forgot to pack her coat! We solved both at the outlet mall!

The trip south to Oregon was quick and uneventful, and we too found ourselves coming into Astoria the start of the Oregon coast! Once across the first bridge, we were rolling toward Lincoln City. As we got south of town Michelle yelled, “Oh my gawd! It’s a herd of elk!!!” Sure as hell, in a field next to highway 101, was a herd of 20 or so elk. I couldn’t get a photo, but they were there!

We took a break from the drive in Cannon Beach and did a walk of the town. I of course took a quick photo of the lighthouse.

We had thought to stay in Cannon Beach this week, as it was closer, but their was no room at the inn. Walking through town, it was clear they weren’t lying, the town was mobbed! And everyone seemed to have a dog with them. Maybe it was “Bring your puppy to the beach” weekend.

After a lunch of fish&chips and a good walk, we were back on the road. We of course stopped at Tillamook for free cheese samples and a rest room, then the final push. We pulled into town about 3:30.

We are down on the 2nd floor as far down the hallway as possible (remember we enter this hotel at the 9th floor and go down to the room). This was as far from the front desk as we could possibly be. I tell you this as we got to the room and the key did NOT work… So BACK to the desk…

We finally get in, and its hot and stuffy. I try to open the slider door and, its stuck!!  Michelle could tell I was getting frustrated. She sent me back up for more luggage and she fixed it.  I hadn’t gotten into vacation mode yet. But it was coming…

30 minutes later, we were up on the 10th floor, looking over the waves, sipping wine and we spotted our first whale of the trip.  Ahhh, I finally hit vacation mode,

That night, from the room, was a great sundown…

The next day, we slept in, and had breakfast at Sambos! Michelle’s favorite place.

Then back for a walk on the beach. It was a gorgeous morning.

As we walked along, we noticed some of the houses up on the bluff.

Being a paranoid insurance person, I just am not sure I would want a house that close to the edge of a cliff or to deal with those stairs. But I bet the views are amazing! Since at the shore they are.

You never know what you are going see when you walk the beach. There are of course waves, rocks and birds.

But there were also these little guys (they are called Sanderlings) that hang out near the surf.

I coulda sat and watched them forever, as the waves chased them around.

It’s also fun to spot the items in the sand,

And there were surfers!

After the walk, we took a drive south to Depoe Bay hoping to have lunch, but the crowds from the weekend had the place mobbed! However, we stumbled on the second whale of the week out in the bay!

2 days and 2 whale! Gotta love it!

When we got back, we settled for grilled cheese sandwiches from our own little kitchen, then back our for a walk! We went the other direction this time, and watched the waves crash. On the way back, I climbed up on the rocks, and got to check out a few tide pools.

It was a great day! Once again we were back up the lounge where we met some friends.

And we just checked out the views.

And then an excellent sun down!

This may have been a plan B trip, but we are loving it!

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