Oregon Coast 2017 continues

Michelle and I have  talked a time or two about this trip. Had we ended up at San Francisco and Napa as planned, it would have been MUCH less relaxing. There are so many things to see, that I would have been setting an alarm and it woulda been GO GO GO the entire time. In fact, Michelle told me she had scheduled a rest day in the vacation on Friday as she knew I would be on the move.

Things are different here….

For the last two days, we have slept with the door open and the waves crashing. We have woken up when we damn well pleased and not before. I do make a run to Starbucks each day, but otherwise, life is slow and easy here.

Yesterday, after slowly waking, we made a run to Pig n Pancake for breakfast! (this is a photo of the one at Cannon Beach, but the food is the same!)

This time I elected for the 10 sand dollar  size pancakes, and they were DAMN good!

When we got back to the room, it was time to walk. However, after sleeping in, the tide was high, and the waves crashing

We decided to get a walk in toward the south this time. We had to be careful not to get hit by a sneaker wave! But as long as we stayed high up in the dry sand we were fine. When we got the river we saw these guys fishing out of a boat. I am here to tell ya, there is no way with these waves I would be in that boat!

We hit a mile and turned around and yep, there were times I just stopped to watch the waves crash. I love the ocean.

As we got closer to the hotel and the rocks I climbed on the day before

There was something different. Not something wrong, just different. I kept seeing a brown splotch… As we got a bit closer I figured it out! A baby sea lion!

On the coast, momma seals and seal lions leave the kidlets somewhere high and dry while mom fishes and looks for food. The baby spends most of the time just sleeping and staying warm.

Whats fun is we can see him from our room.

In fact at one point, we saw 4 kids up on the rock with the pup. There are signs EVERYWHERE to stay away from them! Michelle and I were about to run out there barefoot chew some ass. But before we could, we saw a guy running across the sand yelling at them to get down. He chewed on them for quite a while once they got down. That is a good man!

Later, we looked out and saw a seal right off shore,

He wasn’t with the pup, but it was cool to see.

OK, Y’all KNOW I love tide pools… Truly as much as spotting whales, checking out the pools are my favorite part of the coast. Lincoln City is a great town, but I have always thought it sucked for tide pools. But then I checked google and found Road End State park. According to the site, the pools were 1/4 mile from the parking lot.

Well when we got there, and did the walk, it was closer to 1.25 miles, to the rocks

As we walked along I noticed these little creatures in the sand (I stole this from google)

They are Mole Crabs.  It’s totally cool to watch them! As the waves crash and then roll back out, these guys roll with it like tumbleweeds. When they stop rolling, they burrow into the sand in 2.4 seconds…  NEVER seen this before.

As we hit the rocks, we hit the tide pools. There were muscles and barnacles

As well as starfish that Michelle spotted!

And I took a few videos with the GoPro

And just the photos from the area were memorable… the first one of me was an OOPS!

When we got back to the car, we spotted another first for both of us! A kite surfer! He was getting set up on the beach and heading for the water.

Dinner was of course upstairs at the 10th floor lounge and we saw whales!

Sundown was of course perfect!

Today dawned gray…

Yep all day long it has been windy and rainy. So we spent a lot of time hanging out in the room. No walk today.  Our buddy on the rock was still there though

Later in the day we did some running around then went to Depoe Bay for dinner at place called Tidal Raves. The view was amazing!

And the food even better! I could sit there and watch the waves crash all day! In fact, the lade at the grocery store advised coming back tomorrow at noon for even BIGGER waves at high tide! We will be there!

We got back to the room and spent the evening just relaxing. OH and checking out my buddies the sanderlings right outside the room

Nope no whales today, but it has been the perfect holiday so far!


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  1. Baby seal pups, lotsa waves, and cool tide pools. Awesome! I love the underwater GoPro footage, too. Super cool! The coast is the best! Keep enjoying! 😀

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