We weren’t the only ones with a plan B trip!

As we all know the plan this week was supposed to be San Francisco and Napa. In fact, today we would’ve picked up a rental car and driven to wine country. Instead, we woke up here at the beach.

Yeah, I am NOT sad about that! 

So the first few days we were here, the weather was truly phenomenal for October. In the 60s and sunny.

But as I sit here a blogging, the weather has changed. The rains from yesterday have moved on, but the winds have picked up a lot!

In fact the only way the seagulls can fly south into the wind is to stay very low to the ground.

But, after a great day, we are laying on the bed, playing our favorite word game on the phones, watching the waves, and I, of course, am blogging.

The day didn’t start this windy though!

We got up, and decided to take life a bit slower, and make breakfast here in the room. Afterwards, we went out for our walk.

Our buddy was still hanging out on the rock.

The waves last night were hitting hard. As we walked along, we were finding a lot debris on the beach. First of all, were jellyfish. There are always little ones on the beach, but this one was huge!

Leave it to my kid brother Michael to point out it very much looks like these flying creatures on Star Trek! I will watch my back tomorrow!

We also ran into this guy! We NEVER see live crabs on the beach!

He was pretty big, and I tried to put him back in the water. But the next wave brought him right back to the beach! And left him upside down. Poor guy. We turned him right side up. As soon as we walked away though, we saw him being stalked by seagulls. They LOVE crab. I started singing circle of life from the Lion King. (I do a great Mufasa impression). On the way back he had become lunch…

As we walked along, we noticed this set of stairs.

Michelle noticed, with a closer look, that someone took a shortcut. Instead of finishing they put in a ladder!

Maybe its a way to help keep zombies away…

We headed south after the walk. Yesterday, we had a lady tell us that with high tides hitting, we’d have waves rivaling these yesterday at Depoe bay!

When we got there, the distance waves weren’t anywhere near as impressive! But it was kinda cool up close.

Well after getting blown around we continued south to Devils Punchbowl.

Which I had hoped was doing some serious wave splashing. Sadly, no, but still pretty.

Also there, is the Flying Dutchman Winery. We made a quick stop in there for wine later on. As we were walking around, I found a welcome mat I like.

As we were looking around, we heard a lady talking to the man doing the pouring. She told him that they had planned to be in Napa this week. “HEY US TOO!!!”  We all agreed this was a GREAT plan B.

After all this it was time for lunch! Whenever we a close to Newport, we eat at Rogue Ales!

It made me happy as we walked in that they use bikes to travel around the brewery!

I think the bikes adds to the great beer they make! Here is the Brutal IPA.

Michelle made fun of me for ordering a kid’s meal. A grilled cheese sammich and tater tots! YUM!!

Our hope, after lunch, was to go to the Science Center for a while.

But sadly we found out it was closed today. Being the science geek I am we will TOTALLY go back tomorrow!

Instead, we went into town to do some shopping, walking, and checking out of the local Sea Lion herd. I was bummed that the GoPro video didn’t work, but I did get some good pictures!

I am sure the locals get tired of them but I love seeing them every time we are here.

After a good walk, and a quick trip check out the Lighthouse and bridge

We moseyed back to the room and are enjoying our views and wine! A great day…

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