The perfect day to hang out in the room!

So there I was last night, fast asleep. And when I snooze, I snooze HARD! However, along about 11:30 my eyes snapped open. Outside the wind was howling, the waves were crashing and a storm was raging. The hotel we are in keeps flood lights on so you can always see the waves.

I laid in bed for a bit and saw that the wind was blowing so hard, that sand was blowing higher than our room past our balcony. We are on the second floor. I jumped out of bed, and went on the deck in just my underwear (OK, TMI, but I did) and saw the ocean was roiling! I dove back into bed to warm up and I was back asleep…

As I made the morning Starbucks run, NPR let me know we had a high surf advisory that would start at 1:00 PM and would go until tomorrow! As I’ve told you, our hotel is right on the beach.

This meant for a weather geek like me, we would have front row view to one helluva show!

However, you know I couldn’t just sit inside. I grabbed the gortex, the rubber boots AND the GoPro and headed outside. Ok, the one mistake I made was not adding a fleece layer under the gortex!  Damn the wind was cold!! But as we all know it did NOT stop me.

Honestly, I had a blast out there. The waves were crashing in the distance, I had the beach to myself, and I was a happy boy!

Finally, yes, even I got cold, so I headed back up to the room. But my watching of the waves did NOT end.

Now remember the first rock I was standing on? Well later on that day, there was a big log blocking my path.

Not to worry though, soon the water took care of this log.

Which I have to tell you was truly something to mesmerize me! I have been coming to the beach since I was a kidlet. And I love climbing on driftwood logs. On every beach, though, are warnings to watch out for big waves and shifting logs. As a kid, even though I knew the waves could move logs, I had never seen it…

Well let me share this photo with you from this morning.

When I went for my walk, this area was clear.

About three hours later, I looked over, and this is what I saw!

Somewhere I missed how it happened, but it’s now covered in logs!

I did capture some logs moving though!

There were others, ever better, with bigger logs, but truthfully, I was so amazed watching it, I just forgot to get the camera going. It was spectacular though. I did take these photos though.

It was funny, I spent the afternoon watching the waves, taking videos and working on editing my GoPro footage. It was a very fun day.

Suddenly, Michelle asked me if I would like a glass of wine. No, said I, its only like 1:00, a bit early for me… When she looked at me strangely, I took a look at the clock on the computer and it was almost 4 PM!  WOW, watching waves makes the day go quickly! Let me change my answer, “YES I would love a glass!”

We decided to head back up to the 10th floor lounge to watch the waves and have dinner.

We were lucky to get the last window table, and even though it was low tide. there were still huge waves crashing.

Our buddy the seagull was there begging for a fry

I had to giggle as I saw someone walking along the beach with an umbrella

This person had to fight to make any headway, as the wind was blowing hard!

From our vantage point though, we could see the whole beach. along with this couple, there was another couple closer to the water. As I looked to the water, I saw it happening. The water had receded pretty damn far out, and suddenly there was one bad ass surge coming! I musta said something out loud, because the other tables around me turned and looked as well.

These two by the rocks were ok, but the two closer to the water were not…

They were at a dead run away from the water, but the wave was faster. Sure has hell, it hit them flat on, knocked them down and floated them further up the beach! I didn’t see this, but Michelle said one of them was tumbling in the water…

We all had that helpless feeling of “We are WAY to far away to help!” and “Who the hell do we call???”

Luckily, they hit an area that allowed them to stand up, and they started the long COLD walk home… Poor guys.

We finished dinner and adjourned to our room, It was a bit fleeting, but the sun did make an appearance when we got there.

I have been coming to the Oregon Coast since the 80s, but it has always been spring or summer. This is the first time I have been here in the fall. I will tell you, after today, I have fallen in love with the coast again. Storms here are amazing!

It was a perfect day! I want to be here for bigger storms!

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  1. Wow, the ocean gave you quite a show! I always wondered how those big logs washed ashore. And where do you think the trees might be from? The US? Somewhere in Asia? 😀

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