Plan B comes to an end..

As much as we all love a good vacation, we look forward to it, plan it, and love when it happens, all too soon the day comes when you have to go home. You KNOW it’s a good vacation when you start thinking, I wonder if I could wrangle just one more day….

That was me this morning…

But I don’t want to jump the gun! We had a great last full day yesterday!

As you saw in the post prior, Thursday was a high surf day, with logs being tossed around like toothpicks.  (Check out the videos on my last post). When we woke up Friday, the weather was still a bit dicey.

The waves were still a bit high, and as you can see, there was still rain coming toward us. Not a great day for a walk on the beach. Therefore I made the morning Starbucks run, and came back with our drinks. We laid around the room, watching the waves, when I asked what Michelle wanted to do for breakfast? “How bout Kraft Dinner?” (That’s what we call Kraft Mac & Cheese!)

Why the hell not?? Our room had a stove and we had picked up the fixins for this easy meal! It wasn’t that much later we were chowing down. My tummy was happy.

On Wednesday, we had hoped to go to the Marine Science Center Newport, but sadly it was closed. Thursday we were having too much fun with the waves. so Friday was the day! I made us stop at the Siletz River, south of town, to take a couple of photos of these rocks. One of these days I will get out there and climb them!

We got to the Hatfield Marine Science Center when it opened, and it turned out it was Home School day. There musta been 3 different volunteers who asked if we were there for that! Finally I told the last one “Nope, Michelle has given up on teaching me anything!” She didn’t seem to think I was funny!

I just realized I took no photos there, nor have I ever! I like this place. It is free (though we always leaves decent donation). You can try to build a tsunami proof lego structure then launch a tsunami at it. After three tries I had one that survived! There are tidal pool touch tanks, two octopus tanks, and plenty of other hands on exhibits. We are like little kids there!

Afterwards, I took the scenic bike route back toward home, which let me get some photos of the Yaquina Head Light house.

The waves were still high, but the weather looked to be clearing!

As we headed back to town, hunger struck again. The Mac & Cheese had worn off! One of the classic places to eat on the Oregon Coast is Mo’s Seafood and Chowder House.  We go there at lease once any time we are there, and I always get the sourdough bread bowl of clam chowder! OH YUM!!

After this huge lunch, it was time to head back to the room for a nap!

When I woke up, I realized the rain had stopped, and we could sneak in a walk. I REALLY wanted to see some of the changes from the high surf! We got outside and found there was no wind at all! And YES there were a lot of changes!

This log had NOT been here before the high surf!

Nor had these 3 trees! (not a great angle but yep there were three!)

Someone had also lost part of a dock!

There were also still logs being tossed around the surf.

I think it was a giant wave that hit a beach and launched these guys into the air!

As we walked, we kept an eye on the weather. As you can see, there were still squalls about!

Michelle, having the more weather eye, turned us around before we got wet. We got to the Hotel door just as the rains hit!

As you could see, my lunch was HUGE!! So neither of us was hungry, but we wanted one more evening at the 10th floor lounge! By the time we got there the weather had yet again changed!

It was a beautiful evening to sit, chat and watch the waves.  I also overheard a group of ladies lamenting about the drama that occurred during a quilting bee (or a scrapbook session) Who knew choosing fabric with large print instead of small could cause such angst!

Our buddy the seagull showed up looking for a french fry again! (nope I never feed them!)

I am always amazed though that they have such long claws on their webbed feet!

Yes without a doubt, there are few places better to sit and just look at the water!

It was a great evening…

As we sat, we checked the weather to find out the next morning (this morning) now had a high wind warning! 30 – 40 mph sustained winds with gusts to 60! Damn I did NOT want to leave!!! What a show that would be! But we knew we had to…

This morning, the winds were howling when we woke up! Our poor buddies the sanderlings were struggling NOT be blown north to Canada!

And this video will let you see even more!

No exaggeration, walking into the wind to get to the car, it was hard to breathe! As I walked through the tunnel that let to the parking long, I was bellowing Rawhide! (Through wind and rain and weather, hell-bent for leather…) (Ok yes I am a geek!)

Getting the car loading with the wind was a challenge I got soaked and almost lost my hat, but soon we were heading out. We drove to Corvallis (home of Oregon State University) so Michelle could check out the book store, and we could get here wedding ring cleaned. The first part of the ride home was easy! ( I did almost did get run over by the Alpha Ki Omega walk on campus!)

But then we hit I-5.

Folks it was over 200 miles of heavy rain, standing water and road spray! We were twice blinded by water splashing onto the windshield from other cars, and there was one very dicey hydroplaning session. (luckily I have cat-like reflexes!) I swear I didn’t blink the whole way home!

Now as we sit at home, with 2 happy cats, and a fire in the woodturning stove, I am happy to be off the road, and very happy that we went to the coast. Nope it was NOT the original plan, but never once during the week was I the least bit displeased we were there!

Tomorrow the rains are supposed to stop! Who knows, I might get to tide the bike!

But I already miss the waves…

3 thoughts on “Plan B comes to an end..

  1. Ha, “tide the bikes”! I love that, too.

    Once again, a great post. I LOVE all the photos. Sure, there are lots of grays and blues. But the vistas are SO expressive. Such a perfect pictorial summary of the beautiful Oregon Coast! 🙂

    1. Agreed! I took a look at the early week compared to the end of the week pics. The difference in over all color was amazing, but it reflects the weather perfectly . Plus there is the happy to be there bs Booo gotta go home!

      Typographic error Valente they call me

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