The photos tell more stories than I thought!

It’s funny how a simple comment or question can cause you to look at things in a different way. Now don’t worry, I am not going to get all profound and do deep dive into symbolism. I am still scarred by a 9th grade English teacher after he made us  read “The Old Man and the Sea” when it comes to symbolism!

With that being said, though, the photos from last week DID seem to change with the amount of time we had left to be at the ocean…

So this post was spurred by a comment from my blogger buddy Sarah about the grays and blues of my photos. After reading this I noticed there is a distinct photo color migration as the week went on.

Day one when we got to the Ocean, we were greeted with this!

The skies were clear, sun was out and all was good in the world! We knew we had many MANY days ahead of us to enjoy ourselves. The sky, water, sun and waves all seemed to be happy for us over the next few days!

Shoot even the animals seemed to be in a good mood!

This went on till about Wednesday, when the vacation was suddenly half over! There was a grayness that started to show itself

Now please don’t take this to mean we weren’t still having fun and enjoying ourselves! We were still enjoying great food, great views and the ocean sights, sounds and smells! But we were getting closer to the time to go home, which never makes anyone happy.  Maybe the beach was sad we’d be leaving as well!

If the grayness was sad, having even less time the next day made the ocean angry enough to throw around trees!

But! The ocean wanted us to know it still loved us! Giving us glimpses of happiness, in between the tantrums!

It was as if the ocean wanted us to know it wasn’t mad at us, it just didn’t want us to leave!

How do I know this? Cuz the day we were packing up the Pacific Ocean threw a good old fashion hissy fit! It did NOT want us to leave!

Yep, clearly the ocean loves us! It was excited to see us when we first showed up, and just plain sad to see us go!

Or, it was just typical October Oregon Coast weather, and I just had a VERY long week at work, causing me to be delusional…

I prefer to think the ocean loves us!

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