Winter is coming, wait, Winter is here!!

So this morning, there I was, getting ready for the ride to work. I had the riding shorts on, and I debating which coat to wear. It had been raining over night, and the forecast had called for showers today.

Being lazy, I didn’t walk to the window to look outside, I simply said, “Computer, what’s the weather?”  (Yes I admit it, I have an Alexa (OK it’s an Echo) , and being a Star Trek Geek, I changed it to respond to “Computer” instead of “Alexa” But it is totally cool to say “Computer, play Jimmy Buffett!” )

Alexa replied, “Currently, in Mountlake Terrace, it is 34 degrees with snow flurries!” WAIT WHAT???Earlier this week, Monday to be exact, I rode home from Seattle with blue skies, autumn colors and just warm enough not to wear a coat.

 For those unfamiliar with Seattle, I will say that having a dry Halloween week is not the norm. I saw an article Tuesday that said, in fact, we would have the first Halloween in 10 years in which there was no rain at all!

I tell you this because I didn’t want you to think I was expecting the nice weather to stay around. November is one of our wettest and stormiest months. I was very much expecting the rains to come any day now. These were taken in a recent November!

But snow. at anytime in the Seattle area, is a rarity. We can years without it happening! And November snow is even rarer.

In 1985, mid-November, was the giant Apple Cup snow storm, when we (the Cougar Marching Band and I) were snowbound in Seattle!

I’d like to point out the WSU Cougs beat the Dawgs that year!

Then there was 2013, my second month at the Holy P when a mid November snow resulted in and 8.5 hour (no exaggeration) commute to travel 30 miles!

But in both cases, this was MID November. This is November 3rd!! It NEVER snows this early in the month.

So I heard the word flurries and went to the window. Sure as hell, it was snowing still and some white stuff on the grass. I am a bit leery in riding when the snows fly, after crashing on black ice last year, so the bike commute was cancelled.

Well being an early snow, I firmly believed it would be rain soon. In fact, it wasn’t long before it seemed to be clearing.

But each time I turned around went outside today falling white flakes could still be seen. Some had more than others. I stole this from my friend Pam.

And up north, the Manchild at Western Washington University, it snowed deep enough to delay the start of classes until 11.

But, again, as the day went on I still assumed the snow would dwindling, but as I looked out my window this afternoon, it had picked up a lot!

So there you have it, somehow, 2 weeks after Autumn started winter is here! It still isn’t sticking, so I don’t see an epic event here. However, I am damn glad we are stocked up on firewood, this could be a long cold winter! I think its time to get the cold weather gear ready!

No riding tonight though, I think a roaring fire and a glass of wine is called for! Who knew Ned would be correct so soon!


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  1. We had a good inch of snow sticking to the branches up in Bellingham, and it lasted all day long! I even went outside and made a little snowperson! I’m wondering if this is a sign of a rough winter for us in the Pacific NW.

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