Eyes were bigger than my tummy today!

You know that old saying, especially when you were a kid. It’s a big meal, and you fill your plate with a little of everything cuz you are hungry. Then not even halfway through emptying your plate, you realized there is NO way I shoulda taken on so much….

My ride was like that today….

Now at the end of a pretty good cycling October, I had reached a new record for the year, 4500 miles! This is more than last year, even though Rob and I rode the entire Oregon Coast in 2016

I never set an annual mileage goal, I just ride as much as I can and see where I get. But I am also a numbers geek. I see 4500, with 60 days left in the year, and I think right away I have a chance at the nice round number of 5000!

But then November hit. Life (good things in life) and weather conspired against me. Even though I was able to ride my 53 birthday miles, I barely squeezed out 215 miles for the month. Now December is here, and a week from tomorrow I lose week as I travel to Spokane for work! NOT looking good. As of Friday I needed 285 miles.

Saturday rained like you wouldn’t believe. Plus is was cold, but I wanted to get some miles in it was time to bust out the indoor rollers!

Now as you can see I truly do NOT like the rollers

But they let me ride when the outside just is NOT fun! I was mad, though, as my new Cateye odometer up and died. So off to the bike store, for a new one, install it, and soon 12 miles were done.

Today, though, was to be dry. Chilly, but dry. As you can see from the town of Bellevue, the sun was coming up as I did the lake Washington Loop.

Even before I got started, I was buzzed by a low flying Boeing dreamliner that came out of the low clouds into the morning blue!

The ride was chilly, but started well. I was down and around the airport in Renton with good time. I was almost a witness to a 4 car rearender on Rainier Ave, but luckily all the cars skidded to a stop in time.

This time of year, I get a kick out of checking out Christmas decorations along my ride. This one made me stop and shout a picture.

I am still not sure is Santa is trying to get in, or running away so he doesn’t get spotted!

For the Seattle area, a non rainy, not icy, unwindy day in December is very rare. A day like this on a Sunday, is even more rare. There were plenty of riders out there with me! But it isn’t only cyclists. Even though the water HAD to be freezing cold in Lake Washington, it was also a good day for Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding. I guess its warm as long as you don’t fall off!

As I went along, I was watching the miles, as well as the time, and figuring out how far I could go today. I wanted to carve out as many miles as I could today. It was too nice to waste.

At mile 35, I decided to take the Issaquah cut off and keep going. The only downside to this is a steep, leaf covered, multiple sharp turn, section of trail. On normal days I take this slow.

Today tough, it was EXTRA wet and slippery, so I kept one foot unclipped and was ready to stop at a moments notice. Good thing I did!

One of our many storms knocked this over! It was high enough for me to ride under, but I was glad I had time to check it out before I got to it.

The Issaquah cut off gets me to the Lake Sammamish trail, a big chunk of which is still gravel. I was tired of dealing with traffic, (after having to yell at a lady who did not see me and crossing signal at the trail) so I did a bit of off roading on the bike!

I am glad I did, cuz just when I got to the paved part, I stumbled on this good-looking devil

He was on tip of a tall evergreen looking for lunch! It was nice of him to strike a pose for me.

Now you may notice, the blue skies of the morning were gone. Sure as hell, 5 minutes later, the clouds opened up, and I didn’t have any rain gear! What I did have was ok, but after a 10 minute downpour I was wet and bit chilly….

The rain stopped with 14 miles left to go to get to the car… The sun did come out to help dry me, and luckily I had a dry pair of gloves stashed. But soon, at 55 miles. the title of this post came into play.

In July, 65 miles is nuthin! I can do that, come home and mow the grass. In December, it’s a different story. the long rides are long gone. Sure as hell, the legs were fried! I bit off a bit more than I could chew….

But I was NOT calling for a car ride home… I had to slow a bit, and keep telling myself to crank the legs, but soon I was at the car, 65 miles under my belt!

Looking at the stats, I now need 217 more miles for the magical 5000. I just might make it!

Better bust out the gortex though…

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  1. That video perfectly sums up why I love the Pacific NW — green EVERYWHERE! I agree with you about 65 July-miles being *very* different than 65 December-miles. You’re sooooo close. You can do it!

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