The 2017 cycling story in photos

Folks, we have all heard of writers block. This is when people who get paid to write books or magazine articles get stuck, They can stare at a piece of paper (showing my age here) or a computer screen for hours and nothing gets written.

Well there is also bloggers block, or so I’ve decided. It’s when you love to blog, and want to blog, but you are damned if you can come up with a decent post. So, in an effort to kick-start my creative juices I decided to cheat a bit!

Maybe cheat is the wrong word. Steal! Yeah that’s it! My blogger friend Sarah recently put together two photo montage posts from her trip to Spain. It just hit me, I could do the same with my 2017 rides….

Here is my thinking: As we know, I take photos quite often when I ride. Why not share some of the best from each month? Y’all will have to let me know what you think!

For the record, my riding for 2017 has not ended yet. I am 44 miles from 5000! I am seriously hoping to get outside Sunday morning to eat up a lot of those miles! Snow could get in the way though….

But, 5000 would be a record. This year has been a great cycling year. So lets see what I saw shall we?


I had decent miles in January this year, but a lot were in the dark going to and from work, plus roller rides indoors. This means January only had two bike photos. The first shows you how much Seattle loves cyclists! We have our own coffee stands!

And, there are a few things I always stop for! One being a bald eagle, on a cold clear winter day! Truly amazing!


February is, of course, the shortest month, and the weather is not the greatest. But it is also the month of one of my favorite annual rides, the Chilly Hilly. It is a cold wet ride, but I love it! I am already signed up for 2018!


This last year, we had the rainiest March ever! I think we had 3 days where the rain did not fall. This means the photos from the bike were minimal. In fact, this was the only one, showing the wet face in our parking garage after riding to work!

I promise the photos will get better!


Ahh April, spring has sprung. The days get warmer, and miles get longer!

It started with me riding herd on Michelle, Kim and Heidi at the Corvallis Half Marathon. I would leap-frog them and make sure all was doing well, and take away anything they didn’t need to carry

Later, I made my longest ride of the year, thus far, 80 miles to Port Townsend and Fort Worden

I also made a stop at both Lenin and the Troll in Fremont on a different ride.


For some reason, historically May has been my biggest ride month of the year. This year was a record for the number of May miles.

I did the first century of the year, to Sequim and back

And also participated in the Emerald city ride through Seattle and the eastside.


In most states, June means summer, that is not always the case here, but it was not a bad month at all this year. It was my first ever Tour de Blast, 85 miles and some serious climbs near Mt St Helens!


This was an epic month, the most miles in a calendar month EVER! The biggest ride of the month was a century ride from Enumclaw to Chinook Pass! Not a perfect day weather wise, but I love it!


August sucked! WAY too hot, and serious forest fires in BC caused us to be covered in smoke. The mileage suffered, but I got some rides in. The red sun was a particularly bad smoke day, but as you can see, we did, at times, have blue skies!

I love the one-legged yoga blue heron! Spotted him one early morning on a ride!


September we had more smoke, but it was from the in state fires!

I did complete my second Kitsap color classic on Bainbridge island

But better yet I did the inaugural Reach the Beach century from Lacey to Westport!


Our stormiest month! But on the day before my birthday, the rain stopped and the sun came out! I rode my birthday years and then some on the Lake Washington loop!

It was a gorgeous ride!


The month is still going, but thus far, I have had only one bike commute to work! Its been too cold and icy. But I have been outside some! So of course there are photos!

The year is NOT over yet. I will hit 5000, and I will get outside again! 2018 will have a whole NEW set of adventures and photos! (stay tuned!)

In all honesty, I enjoyed taking a look at the past year, brought back some great memories of the rides I have taken. I really hope you enjoyed it as well!

Like the wind folks!

4 thoughts on “The 2017 cycling story in photos

  1. Great photos! I’ve seen that photo presentation style somewhere else. Hmmm. 😉

    Wow, you are *so close* to 5000! Geez, it’s been a low mileage year for me. I kid you not, I’d be lucky if I pulled off 1000 this year. But you’ve inspired me — in 2018, I shall ride more!

    Happy Holidays, friend! I hope you get at last one nice-weather day to tie up your little goal with a nice bow. 🙂

    1. Happy holidays back Sarah! Not sure about me being an inspiration, but as we both know it’s the quality of the rides not quantity. But I love the idea of you riding more, it means more Sarah blogs and photos!

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