You Just Never Know!

Folks, a bit of a warning, this post will start out a bit melancholy, but that is the exact opposite of my intent. I am hoping that by the end, you will see the reason for the post…

I had a great Christmas! In fact, it was the first time in recorded history, that we have had measurable snowfall on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day! Yep, a white Christmas!!

But with the happy fluffy flakes, there was bad news over the weekend. Out of the blue, not one, but two, ex coworkers passed away suddenly. One was older and one was much younger.

I thought about giving more details about the passing, but that is not the point of the post, and I thought it better to respect their privacy and not do so. Just know both were healthy and each was a complete shock.

Truthfully, no one knows when there time will come.

And, that ladies and gents, brings us to the reason for the post…

These two events reminded me of something important: Since we never know when it could happen, then its important to enjoy the life we have!

I know people at work who come to the office and work, then go home and work and/or stress about work until its time to go back the next day. Others who say they need to get out and enjoy life, or do something exciting, but have an extremely hard time pulling the trigger.

Michelle and I are NOT those people. Just last month, Michelle flew to Eugene, meeting up with our friends Kim and Mark. just to see the Foo Fighters in concert.

Now I am sure there are people who would think that is a long way to travel for a concert. But, she was with people she loved, going to a band we both think is amazing, and had one helluva time. I remember when she first mentioned, “I am thinking of meeting them for a concert.” To which I concurred whole heartily! “HELL YEAH!!” (this was one time work wouldn’t let me)

All three said it was one of the best concerts ever! We are already making plans for next year in Portland.

She jumped on the opportunity to make a memory. To experience something fun. Dealing with the pain and hassle of TSA with the end goal in mind.

You have all seen the rides I take. The RAMROD kicked my ass as I rode 150 miles and 10000 ft of climbing in the middle of a hot summer!

Crater Lake. less miles and bit less elevation, but even hotter! But tell me, why would I want to miss out on these views.

Phantom Ship Food Stop
View from Cloud Cap

How would my life have been different if I hadn’t said yes back in 1995 when Steve asked if I wanted to climb Mt Rainier.

My first trip

There were serious disappointments along the way

But trying this rekindled the spirit of adventure that can sometimes lay dormant as we grow up. I was 31, working in an office, and the most excitement I had at the time was going out to throw darts and drink beer. I was probably in danger of couch potatoosity. (pronounced Potato Ossity)

Now there is no danger of this! Michelle and I encourage each other on a daily basis to accept new challenges.

Any time she finds a halfmarathon she wants to try, I tell her to do so and I make plans to be there to ride herd.

She is ALWAYS ready to be there at the end of my rides!

Better yet, there are times we find things we can do together!

Key west

Crater Lake

Any time someone mentions a challenge to me, this is the first thing that pops into my head.

Instead of thinking “Yeah, no way I can do that.” I start mapping out how it can be done! If Michelle starts considering something, I start looking at, “OK she got this, what can I do to help!”

I never want to get old, sedentary and boring. When all is said and done MANY years in the future, I want people thinking this of me.

So now you, oh readers of mine, here is what I ask. If there is a challenge you have been considering, take it. Be it bike ride, books to read, knitting to knit, classes to take, mountains to climb, rivers to float or places to visit, do it!

Then when you do it, experience it. Take photos, write down stories, take the side trips, do a book review or add wild colors to the project. Then BRAG! Yes I said BRAG!! I want you to inspire others to do the same thing.

We will all pass someday, but I want people to think of me, smile, and say, “Damn that man had a good time!”

Like the wind folks!


2 thoughts on “You Just Never Know!

  1. Excellent post, my friend. I’ve been thinking about this very thing, and my next post is going to be on a similar topic.

    So sorry to hear of the passing of your co-workers. Just last night I watched a great TED talk about finding gratitude in the suffering. As awkward as this sounds, I’m thankful when close friends and family get sick or pass, as it is a wonderful opportunity for a reminder to live each day as if it were the last. So glad that you and Michelle live your lives accordingly.

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