Looking back at 2017

Well folks, here it is, 3 oclock in the afternoon on New Years day. We have taken down the Christmas trees, gone grocery shopping, hit the book the sale at 3rd Place Books and I snuck in a COLD 30 mile ride on the Burke Gilman trail. All in all an eventful day.

But as I sits and sips the Diet Man Dew, its time to look back over the year…

I seem to say this a LOT lately, but this has been a FAST year! It seems like I was just sitting here doing this post for 2016. It was also a BUSY year. The Mighty P had Michelle and I hopping all year. I was training new people back to back all year! No wonder it seemed to go so quickly!

But, last night, Michelle and I had our annual Mushroom risotto, some good wine and opened our grateful teapot (this is from last year, I forgot to take a picture this year!)

But, trust me, we had quite a lot to be thankful for this year, most importantly each other!

It was an eventful year though!

January we had to deal with a pretty decent injury to Michelle.

She took a tumble on frozen ground, and hit HARD. That is a bump below her knee. When she is hurting bad enough that she says take me to the doctor, you know its bad.

I also had to deal with my coldest trip to Spokane ever.

There was snow, freezing fog and just plain coldness!! I was there for a week…


February revolved around getting Michelle healed and getting out when the weather let us. 2017 had the wettest winter ever (in fact we ended the year almost 10 inches over the average rain fall. )

As will all February’s, the big ride of the month is the Chilly Hilly, 33 miles around Bainbridge Island.

It was wet and cold, but a great ride. I am already signed up for 2018.


Remember when I mentioned the rain? It was, bar none, the wettest March EVER! The biggest event of the month was Michelle and her hot Chocolate 15K. It was a cold windy day, but the weather gods smiled on us! The rain held off until I got her into a warm car and into Diamond Knot for a hot breakfast. VERY proud of her!


April was a fun-filled month! First, the lovely ladies from Oregon State University. Michelle, Heidi and Kim, got back together for a second Corvallis Half Marathon

Michelle and I then went and spent a week at Cannon Beach. I’d never been there so early in the year, so we had to deal with rain.

But we also got some nice weather as well! It was a great restful week.

I also, at the end of the month, did my first ever ride to Fort Worden at Port Townsend. It was a damp, and windy ride but I added another lighthouse to bike rides.


May brought some summer weather. I started out the month with the first 100 mile ride off the year. Out to Sequim and back.

It was also the first time for us to volunteer to serve breakfast at a local church, Michelle is a good influence on me. Alone, I would probable not do things like this. (My good deed is giving blood) but I am glad she got me to do so!

We also went for a hike. Remember the rain I told you about, this means snow in the mountains. AND, what I hoped was an easy hike, was a true biatch! We had fun, but it was a LONG day…

The month ended with the Emerald City ride along the I5 Express lanes, 520 bridge and I90 express lanes.


June had a LOT going on!

Michelle and I trained hard! And early in the month, we completed the Lard Butt 1K (.62 miles!)

PHEW, I was beat!!

The big ride of the year was this month, the Tour de Blast up to the Johnston Ridge Observatory in Mt St Helens. 85 miles and some SERIOUS elevation (6240 feet) It was a butt kicker, but I loved it.

The next day, Kim and Michelle combined again for the Rock and Roll Seattle half marathon. I ended up walking a 10K delivering emergency power to a phone! Very proud of these ladies!


OK July was fun!!

First off, we got free tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo! We were there when the gates opened on the 4th of July

I did my second century ride of the year riding from Enumclaw to Chinook pass and back. I love that route.

We took some time off of work to see not just one but two Red Sox games here in town.

And, best of all, we had a surprise visit from Niece Abby! We took her to Mt Rainier!


August was memorable for good and bad ways. Michelle and I were able to enjoy the eclipse together right from out office.

Seattle and the surrounding areas suffered through heavy smoke days from the British Columbia fires.

But the worst, we lost Michelle’s Mom after a long bout with Dementia. We know she is happier where she is, and we knew it was coming, but it is still a huge loss.


September started fun, we made a run to Walla Walla for a Labor Day weekend of wine tasting.

While we were there, we also did a quick road trip to Pullman!

Sadly, on the last day, the smoke was back! Washington and Oregon fires were running unchecked.

In fact, we had smoke for the 300 miles from Walla Walla all the way home, it was miserable!

We also snuck in an overnight in Langley for Michelle’s birthday. The smoke had left!

I also got  in The Kitsap Color Classic. Last year it kicked my ass, as I had just finished the Oregon Coast. But this time it was NOT bad at all!

Finally, the first ever Reach the Beach Washington. Lacey to Westport. The third and last century of the year! We had a great weekend there.


Smoke and fire seems to be the theme of the year. Just when we thought we were done with it, it rose again BIG TIME! Michelle and I had been looking forward to going to Napa all year. The Monday before we were to fly out, Northern California caught on fire!

Once again we had to do a plan B. And as usual, we went to the Oregon coast! Inn at Spanish head, in Lincoln City.

I had never been there in the fall! The first part of the week was sunny and nice

The second half had incredible high surf warnings

The waves were SO cool!

Plus there were Whales and Sea Lions.


We had an incredible scallop risotto for Thanksgiving dinner! The month itself was wet rainy and even snowy. So not much in the riding area.

I did get one good long ride, I got my birthday miles in, on a rare nice day!


Anyone who reads the blog knows that this month I was focused on getting 5000 miles! But that is NOT the all that happened.

Michelle and I spent the night in Seattle at the Westin Hotel. In preparation for the Jingle Bell run.

Then the next morning. Michelle, Sandy and I cranked out the 5 K in under 50 minutes!

Michelle also made a whirlwind trip to meet Kim and Mark for the Foo Fighters.

Christmas was fun as always! And yesterday I did the last ride of the year, over the 520 floating bridge in Seattle!

Now for numbers!

Overall miles: 5077! A new record and first time over 5000 miles.

Climbing: the App I use to track my miles tracks my climbing as well. I was surprised to see I had 173,018 feet. Yep 173 thousand! That is over 32 miles!!!

Books: I had hoped to read 30, but only hit 27. Some of them were a slog to get through. But we will see how many I get next year.

Blog Posts: Only 80 this year, and some large gaps between them at times.  I will try to post more often in 2018

All in all, it was a good year. 2018 has new adventures coming! But looking back, we had a lot of good times!

Like the wind!

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  1. 2017 might have been a quick year, but you sure as heck packed a lot into it. Congrats on the year-end mileage. I figured you might end with 5,003 or so. But 5,077? I guess you wanted to make sure there was no doubt about passing 5,000. Welcome to the new year. It’s gonna be a good one. 😀

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