2018 Cycling Goal

I am not sure how it has happened, but for the last 4 years my annual miles keep increasing! A the end of 2014 I had 3483 miles. In 2015, I broke 4000 miles for the first time ever, hitting 4209 miles. 2016, I once again set a record, with a surprise 4470 miles. When I saw the final I ALMOST went out for another 30… But decided against it.

This year I blew the doors off the totals. 5077!! Again a new record, and first time over 5000. Y’all here, and my Facebook followers were tracking my quest for 5K these last two months. And I shouted from the rooftops when I made it.

Here we are now, the new year, and the questions have started…

So, Tony, what is the mileage goal for this year? Going to set a new record?

tony, hat

Hey Tony, is it 5500 this year?

Thinking back I am not sure I woulda been able to explain why I don’t set a goal. I love keeping track of the rides and miles. I look forward to the end of the month to see how far I’ve traveled, and I like celebrate the big months.

But, when the end of October hit, and I realized that if I could crank out 500 miles in 2 months I’d have the 5000; it became a challenge. And, with that I finally realized why I don’t set a goal. It became work…

I started watching the weather, stressing about having to work in Spokane, and pushing the roller miles.

Each day at work I’d be looking at the app that tracks the miles, and figure out whether I was getting close or not. There was stress.

Cycling should NOT be stress! It can be hard.

It can be tiring


And it sure can be wet!

But it should NOT be stressful!

I ride for fun, adventure and exercise. Long rides or short, I have fun every time I saddle up. I think I was channeling this thinking today when I answered the: What is the new goal  question with this:

See new stuff, breathe fresh air, ride far, climb high, take pictures and share stories. Then at the end of the year see where I am…

As soon posted this, I had to make sure I remembered it for the blog!

The bike can take you anywhere! And I love discovering new places! Last year, it was my first ride ever in Mt St Helens Volcanic Monument. At let me tell you there WAS climbing!

Fresh air… Just being outside, in the mountains, the ocean, or the local bike trail, you get the wind in your face. The more you breathe, the healthier you are. In fact, I swear more than once I have been coming down with the plague in the workplace, and a good hard ride cured me! The bike is magic!

Y’all know the story telling part, I will be sharing the adventures here!

I have always taken photos as I ride. Even New Years Eve, cranking out those last miles, I had to stop for these shots going across the 52o Bridge in Seattle.

Yes I wanted miles, but it was just too darn pretty NOT to stop. Which is why the photos are as important as the miles. Years from now, the 5000 miles will be a milestone, but the photos will tell the stories of the year.

In fact, I am adding to the photo part…

I started thinking recently: Hey, if I am close to something cool while driving why not detour for cool pictures. So Wednesday, when I was heading down to have pizza with the Manchild, I was running early. So I made a sudden decision, why not go to Browns Point in Tacoma for some shots of Puget Sound.

Well, as happens often with me, I needed a plan B. The Browns Point Light house area was now closed off. Then I got a bit lost in the neighborhood…

But, as I got out, I stopped at the Cliff House restaurant. As it sounds, it is built on the side of a cliff, and has a great view. When I lived in the south end I used to ride by it all the time but I had never pulled into the lot… Damn I am glad I did..

So folks I will ride far, you can count on that, but NOPE, I have no mile goal. But I am hoping for one memorable year of riding!

See new stuff, breathe fresh air, ride far, climb high, take pictures and share stories. Then at the end of the year see where I am…

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