Just a thought….

I am known for many things:

  • Riding long distances on a bike
  • Making people laugh
  • McGyvering things to make it work (whatever IT is)
  • Sipping wine
  • And being able to drink a beer while standing on my head (I can still do it!)

I am not known for deep contemplative thoughts….

This morning I may have had one! I may have hurt myself a bit, as I had a headache for most of the day….

A bit of background…

I tell people who aren’t from the Northwest where I work, I say, “Just north of Seattle.” To be more specific, I work in Lynnwood. This is a town about 10 miles (as the crow flies) away from downtown Seattle.

Fun fact (OK NOT so fun): On most afternoons, the drive from here to Seattle in a car is over an hour. It’s faster to take a bike! 

As far as Washington State goes, Lynnwood would be pretty much near the bottom of the list of towns as a vacation spot. There are no beaches, wineries, water parks, or historical sites to see. If I was going to describe it, I would have to say it was a strip mall that got too big for its britches!

However, its only 5 miles from the house, via back roads, and never more than a 12 minute drive home! I like working here! But it isn’t a pretty town….

When you work on the 6th floor though, you can see the mountains.

Better yet, from my desk I get to see the sun rise over the mountains.

Over the years that I have sat at this desk, I have shared many sunrise photos with my Facebook crowd, and even some photos on here. With such amazing colors and jagged peaks, I sometimes find myself seeing a half decent sunrise and thinking, “It’s ok, but really not worth busting out the camera….”

This morning started that way. I looked out and saw this.

I thought, “Well its kinda cool” so I took the picture. I thought the cloud that almost looked like smoke was worthy.

But then, as I sat having my breakfast and answering questions, things changed

The colors started coming out…

Soon you could see where the sun would come over the cascades

Then, when the colors had faded and the sunrise seemed over, there was this

I was just sitting here, reading emails and figuring out the flow of the day, and each time I looked behind me there was something new.

And that’s when I had my deeper thought: You never know where you will find beauty!

Ok, we are talking Aristotle or Da Vinci type thinking, but for Cold and Callous Valente it aint bad…

I mean, let’s look at some of my photos in the past.

At the Ocean, there is no question I love Blue skies and blue water

But, honestly, looking back at the trip to the Ocean in October, the ‘dismal’ wet, windy days gave me some my favorite photos

At Cannon beach last spring, the stormy days gave me these

On the bike, you have no idea what might appear if you are watching. One gray winter ride, suddenly the sun came out and the trees glowed.

Another dreary fall day, my buddy the blue heron found a lone sunbeam

Cold winter rides, sometimes its being in the right place at the right time

I have more examples but you get the gist I think.

I keep my point and shoot camera with me no matter where I go. I hate like hell to see something cool and NOT have it. Yes, I know, I have my phone, and sometimes it does ok.

But for pictures of birds, animals or even mountains I want my zoom!

So, in short, no matter how ugly the town, the day, or the weather, one can find beauty. You have to take the time to look, stop when you see it, and most importantly when you find it, share it! Everyone can use more photos that make them smile!

Thanks for listening!

3 thoughts on “Just a thought….

  1. Wow, Tony, your post almost has me in tears! 😉

    I very much agree with you: you can always find beauty. I often need to remind myself this about people — and I’m not talking about physical beauty.

    1. You know, that is very true. There is a guy that we see at starbucks every day. We referred to him as sailor dude as he looks and dresses like a merchant marine. dark clothes, wool cap, sailor beard.

      Michelle, being the one with a huge heart, started saying hi to him, and I picked it up. His responses have gone from grunting to acknowledge us, to full on chatter and happy to see us when we see him.

      A little effort goes a long way! Glad you liked it!!

      1. EXACTLY! Yeah for Michelle for striking up the relationship, and yeah for all three of you for finding beauty in that relationship.

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