Trail Magic at the winery

I have done posts in the past about trail magic.

Trail magic, be it on a hike or on a bike, is when a complete stranger does something for you out of the goodness of their heart. There is no tangible or monetary reward for the giver of the magic, he or she simply does it because they want to…

I have been the recipient more than once…

My first time was climbing to Camp Muir on Mt Rainier, I bit of WAY more than I could chew…

My first trip

The book told me it was only 5 miles. I had done Mt.Si,  a local hike of 4 miles, dozens of times. How hard could 5 be? So I took off with a peanut butter and jelly sammich and a clif bar.

Folks, I am here to tell ya, there is NO comparison between the two climbs. I was only part way up and I was fried! As I was sitting on my backpack, looking like death warmed over, when another hiker handed me a Twix bar. I will never forget what he said.

“You need this a whole lot more than I do!!”

He was right! That candy bar gave me what I needed to get to the camp at 10,000 feet. That hiker probably hasn’t thought about what he did since it happened, but I will NEVER forget it.

More recently, a couple of years ago I was on my way to Port Townsend, when I got the flat I could NOT fix… See We Take Care of Each Other

I was 11 miles from civilization. I got to the point where I resigned myself to walk back. Another cyclist saw me pushing the bike across the Hood Canal Bridge. I was heading west, he was going east. He found a spot to turn around, came back, and not only gave me a CO2 cylinder, but gave me a tube as well!  I was able to ride the 11 miles! (I gave a tube to someone on the RSVP (Seattle to Vancouver BC) to pay it forward.

Anyone who reads this post regularly, knows that I am a cyclist. That, more than anything else defines me.

But, I am also someone who VERY much appreciates good wine!

Michelle and I very much enjoy wine tasting together!

Well somewhere along the line, I decided Wine Magic was a thing….

What is wine magic? The Tony definition is this:

Sometimes people deserve free wine! 

Seems pretty simple…

The first time happened back in 201o, the year I was laid off….

I went for a bike ride, and stopped at Dusted Valley to bring a bottle of wine home.

While I was there, I met the nicest older couple from Boston. We, and Colleen, the lady working the tasting room, chatted for quite a while. I bought my bottle and headed home. I stopped a few minutes down the road and called the tasting room. When Colleen answered, I asked her to put a bottle of their favorite wine on my account.

Next time I was there, she told me they were SO pleasantly surprised. I was one of the best things that happened on their vacation! That made me happy!

In one of my trips to Spokane, I was having dinner at the Left Bank Wine Bar. A couple of 20 somethings came in trying to find a wine they liked. The bar tender and I teamed up, and finally found a good one for them.

They each ordered a glass and were chatting away when I finished my dinner. The bartender asked me if I wanted to cash out. I said yes, and “I want to pay for their first glasses of wine.” (I said so quietly so they did not hear)

To his credit, I think he was being a bit protective of the kids, when he asked me why I wanted to.

“Everyone deserves a free glass of wine in their lives!” I replied, “Just don’t them I bought the wine until I am out the door.” “You don’t want them to thank you?” he asked.

“Nope!” said I, “That’s the fun part!”

I gave him my debit card and he looked at the last name, Valente. He smiled and said, “Valente, huh? I’d say more like valiant!”

I paid, and left, and have no idea how they reacted.

In both of the above stories, I hope they still tell the story of the guy who, out of the blue, bought them wine.

Well today, it happened again…

Michelle and I got out of work early on a Friday. She had had a MAJORLY crappy week. So, for the fun of it, I asked her if she wanted to head to Woodinville and have some wine after work! My suggestion was met with a resounding, “YES!!”

Well, as always we started at Chandler Reach, and our good friend Kristin

In fact, for a bit we were the only ones in the place. We had the chance to talk to her about a new job interview. We are very much hoping it works out!

A little while later, two ladies came in to taste as well. We chatted a bit, but not much. They finished before us, and were looking for recommendations of another place. We suggested Dusted Valley, out next stop!

Well, after being spoiled with an extra splash or two from Kristin, we made our way over to Dusted Valley as well. Sure as hell, we found the same ladies! They took our advice and were loving the wine! We joked a bit about us being stalkers and following them, but then we left each other alone.

Well that itch hit me again. I checked with Michelle of course, who approved, and then I talked to both Tammy and Meghan, who were working today. I asked them to make sure the tasting fees for those two were on our bill (we were bringing a couple of bottles home!)

As they were finishing the last sip, we had paid and were heading out the door. Once again dispensing wine magic without being there to accept the thanks!

I will tell y’all right not I am going to catch some grief for this post! I pride myself on being cold and callous on most days. But dammit, I love to help people have good memories! A surprise bit of wine is an excellent example of this!

Ladies and gents, there is a LOT of negativity in the world right now. The news, in general sucks ass. So if we all took some time to do something unexpected for a stranger, it would brighten both your’s and their day!

Also, being a big believer in karma, it is never a bad idea to put some goodness int he bank!

So I encourage you to buy someone dinner, pay for their coffee, send over a wine or beer at a bar or restaurant, or just do so other random bit of kindness. I may not have the biggest heart in the world, but doing stuff like this always makes me happy! I hope it will you as well!

Let me know what kinda magic you have done for others without letting them know?

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