Wait?? There’s a Dress code???

In the Last couple of years, our niece Abby has twice braved the weather and TSA to come up from Texas to visit.

Well it seemed only fair that Michelle and I return the favor. It had been in the plans once, but things fell through for some reason. This seemed like a perfect time, though, given a recent event in her life

Yep, she recently got engaged! It was time to meet the feller (I was practicing my Texas speak)

We left Thursday morning. Somehow, the alarm ended up being shut off, so we overslept! Not by much, but enough to make us worry a bit. But the travel gods smiled on us. Traffic was good, the parking shuttle fast, and TSA line short. We got through security in plenty of time for breakfast.

The only weird part was when we tried to print our check in luggage tag. Normally we can just put our last name and the code for the airport, but it couldn’t find us when we said we were flying into DFW (Dallas-Ft Worth). But, with entering the Alaska Air confirmation number, we were good!

As we took off, we were in line behind the smallest FEDEX plane ever!

Our friend Kim (a selfprofessed FEDEX fan girl) tells me it is a Cessna 208 Caravan, one of the smallest in the fleet!

The flight down was easy. I am not sure what the plane was we were in, but it was a little smaller than a 737, with only 2 seats in the row. It was nice!

When we landed, we made our way to the shuttle and on to Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Where they could NOT find the reservation. This is strange, as I always use ERAC and they rock! But being prepared, I had printed it out.

“OHHH!” said the rep ( coincidentally recently from Tacoma), “This is a reservation for DFW!”

“Isn’t that where I am?” says me….

“Nope!”, he replied.

“Then where the heck am I??” asked me…

“You are at Love Airfield.” with a bit of a head shake…

Who knew Dallas had two airports! But with a little computer magic, Siri was leading us down the road to our hotel in a Jeep.

Editors note: I think I will dedicate another post to the driving in Texas…. That in itself is more than I have room for here…. Just know there was many an adventure to be had….

We soon arrived at the hotel in Allen Texas. Now, Texans are nice. Someone figured that people like me, who get lost easily in new states, might forget where he was. So they made sure I couldn’t forget!

Everywhere you look in Texas (and trust me it is flat enough you can see clear to Georgia!) you see these water towers! All have the name of the town. Maybe lostsa people get lost? Since the world is so flat there, I also noticed they use the water towers, (the highest areas of elevation) for radio/cell towers!

We met up with Abby and Travis for dinner that night. We liked him!

Day 2.

Anyone here ever watch Chip and JoJo on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Well, they are from Waco, which is only 200 miles away (which in Texas is nuthin!) Michelle LOVES this show. So Friday morning was a road trip to the Mecca of fixer upper, the silos!

As we drove down I saw:

  1. Lots more flat
  2. Lots more watertowers (I was impressed they could fit  Waxahachie on one of them, that’s a long name)
  3. And some VERY cool real life long horn cattle! Sadly I couldn’t pull off for a photo, but they were impressive! I was hoping to get see them. They did look kinda like this!

Michelle wanted to check out their store Magnolia. Evidently, though, so did everyone else in Waco! But we found a place to park and walked through.

As we were in line to buy some stuff, the cashier asked what brought us to town, and Michelle explained we were here to see Abby and meet her fiance. The cashier said “That is sweet, its important to meet the new additions to the family.”

To which I replied, deadpan, “Yeah I don’t really like him that much!”

I thought the lady next to me was going to pee her pants she was laughing so hard, while the cashier just looked at me not knowing what to say, all as Michelle punched me in the arm and said, “ANTHONY VICTOR!!!”

Then I lost it and giggled. I reassured the cashier we liked him a lot! (Travis laughed when I told him this story!)

Now, as we know, I like shorts year round. Friday was about mid to upper 40s, no wind, so I was in shorts and sandals. I am not exaggerating, you’da thought I was painted green! One guy looked me up and down and said, “You must be from somewhere WAY up north!”

We walked around the grounds, and the town. In addition to the silos, it is the home of Dr Pepper.

And a few other notable items.

And some of the biggest storm drains I have ever seen! It could swallow my bike and I!

When we travel,  we do our darndest to find stuff we both like to do. And being a National Park Passport stamp geek, Michelle tries to find me places to get more stamps. Turns out there is one in Waco!

I can see this post is getting longer than I thought it would be… So I am going to save the Mammoth Monument for another post as well! Folks it is VERY cool!! 

We did the tour, I got my stamp, and ate at Rufis Cocina. A kinda scary looking place, but DAMN it was good! Biggest burrito ever!! If ever in Waco eat there!! (by the way, there was another guy in shorts there!) 

The next day, the family down there set up a lunch for us at a place called Houstons. They are famous for the Crab Cakes. They get flown in daily, and if you didn’t get there early. you don’t get any! Abby knows me pretty well. She knows, given the choice, I will be in shorts, a tshirt and a baseball cap. (Which is perfectly acceptable attire anywhere in the Pacific Northwest!

Evidently, no so much in parts of Dallas, so she sent me this!

So I packed one polo shirt, a pair of cargo pants, and took a shower that morning….  The food was good, but I think I shoulda brought the kilt!

Sunday, we met up with the kids for lunch at Mexican Sugar, and then they were going to take us to their favorite hang outs. Folks, it was in the 30s, and a cold wind blowing. A smart man woulda worn pants, but I had a reputation to uphold. Yep, I wore shorts, but did have a fleece coat. DAMN it was cold!!! But I had to prove we Northwest people were tough! I got a LOT of weird looks! It took me hours to warm up after we got back to the hotel!

I also somehow succeeded in losing my fork at lunch. I had a bite of Michelle’s lobster and crab taco on it, resting on my plate. Somehow I hit it just right, and launched it clear across the room! Never did see it again….

Later, I also:

  • Met a bartender who said he was so hungover earlier, that the entire world looked green. He considered going to the doctor, but didn’t know if they’d understand
  • Saw a flaming Dr Pepper get made (looked more like a smoking Dr Pepper, but still fun to watch)
  • Learned that all bars in Plano Texas have Bowling showing on TV
  • Visited 4 different bars in one day, the first time this was done since Key West with Jim Devitt (No worries, I limited myself to 3 beers and a LOT of water over the 4 hours)

It was a memorable day!

I will add the trip home to a later post as well, as this has gotten long enough. But it was fun seeing Abby and meeting Travis!  For the record, I still vote yall elope and go to Vegas top get married!  Thanks for the hospitality!

6 thoughts on “Wait?? There’s a Dress code???

  1. ANTHONY VICTOR!!!! Ha, I’m gonna use that ALL the time now. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve given the thumbs-up to Travis. (Abby chose well — he’s a cutie!) It always helps when the Uncle is on-board.

    Texas, in my opinion, might as well be its own country. Not only is it ginormous, but it very much has its own ways. I’m not at all surprised you are milking a couple of blog posts out of your visit. 🙂

    I had no idea Texas was the home of Dr Pepper. I’m not a soda drinker. But when I am, Dr Pepper is my drink of choice. I love the tingle it gives my tongue. I’ll have to Google “flaming Dr Pepper.” Looks like a fun party trick.

    Looking forward to your other Texas posts!

    1. Yep Michelle and my mom BOTH use that when I am in trouble! Travis is genuinely nice, very patient and adores her. He IS a good choice!

      I am a diet Mtn Dew fan myself, but Michelle LOVES Dr Pepper. I tried to get her into the museum, but she didn’t want to bore abby.

      And I agree, I only saw 200 miles of the state, it IS its own country in many ways! and DAMN it is flat!!!

      Working on the mammoth post as we speak!

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