Back in Washington and back in the saddle!

After all the issues with TSA and traffic and white knuckled driving, plus the battle for what little space is available to us on the plane, Michelle and I landed in Seattle about 30 minutes earlier than expected! HELL YEAH!! Musta been a pretty darn good tailwind!

We made a point to take advantage of the time…

First off, I had parked the car at the Wallypark garage 2 blocks south of SeaTac airport. I like this location as they always have a shuttle waiting when I park the car, so I am at the airport as soon as possible.  But I also like them because they are within walking distance! It can take 10 minutes or so to get picked up at the airport. It’s only a 15 minute walk, though from baggage claim….

After being cooped up in the plane, and banned from walking in Texas, we decided to walk it. The weather gods smiled on us as the sun was out and the winds were light. It was a VERY pleasant stretching of the legs! I noticed, as we drove out of the  garage, that we were on the road heading north right about the time we were originally scheduled to land  Not bad!

After a couple of errands on the way home, unloading the car, and saying “Hi” to the cats Michelle looked and me and said “Go RIDE!”

“But the suitcase needs unpacking, and there is stuff to do and….”


So ride I did! I drove down to the Burke Gilman trail. It was about 3, so the sun was lower, and subsequently a bit chillier. But, with the right layers I took off!

Folks, I had a good time in the Lonestar state. But damn that ride felt good! The air was fresh, the birds singing, the plants were green as could be and I let the wind blow the stink of travel off me!

I did a simple out and back, turning around at my favorite bridge on the Sammamish River.

I was cruising along, heading back to the car when I spotted this.

There he was, happy as a clam, just soaking in the last of the afternoon sun!

I won’t lie, it is nice to be home where I know the birds!

Just as an aside, I know blue herons roost in trees, but it always surprises me when I spot them…

But, my welcome to Seattle was not limited to just one ride!

The weather for this weekend is calling for rain, wind and maybe snow. It will be hard to get miles on the bike unless I break out the rollers again. Yall know how much I like doing that…

However, I happen to be between classes at work right now. My next new person starts Monday. All morning yesterday, the weather man was reporting it would be dry until 4.

A window of opportunity!

I sent an email to the boss saying I was heading out, and at 1045 I was on the road. This time taking the Interurban trail south into Seattle and then Burke Gilman north.  I wanted 50 or so miles!

As I head south on this route, I passed Espresso Dental, our dentist. We love the people there! In fact, I had gone in the morning before for a cleaning. They always have fresh-baked cookies for you after your appointment and will even make you a latte if you’d like. On my rides south I sometimes stop for an extra cookie! I did so yesterday.

Erin, the receptionist was there, and always laughs at me when I stop for a snack! This time though she also told me “I just want you to know your appointment was the best part of the day yesterday! (I always do the 7 AM appointment) “You are always bright, cheerful and funny and you just made our day!” (this does NOT help my cold and callous image!)

I am thinking they musta had some grouchy people during the day!!

I hit Fremont and turned toward home at about 1, when suddenly the clouds opened up!! HEY!!! I was told no rain till 4!!!

I made it to an underpass and threw on the waterproof layer. As I was doing so, a fellow rider stopped to do the same. I mentioned the 4 PM forecast. He replied, in a very heavy eastern European accent, “YES, I hear same! They were incorrect!!!” He seemed quite cross!

The rain followed me through campus, but as I got closer to Kenmore, it stopped. I did a quick check of time, legs and desire, and all three said KEEP going!

Well who am I to argue with the group!

I continued on into Woodinville and back to the same bridge. I met an older lady cyclist there. I mentioned this was always a good place to stop.

“I stop here to look for wildlife!” And went about her looking around. (Seems like a lot of riders were grouchy yesterday.

On the way back, once again nature smiled at me!

Yep right next to the trail, looking for dinner was this guy.

Looking across the river, I spotted his buddy, or possibly his mate.

OK, a double eagle citing is worth a bit of rain! Then not a mile further, I spotted a third. His photo didn’t turn out sadly. There were also red tail hawks on the wing. A great nature day.

Well, by mile 45 the cookie had worn off, and I was getting hungry. but I still had to get to my hill and climb 4 miles to the house. I was tired, a bit damp and cold by the time I hit the house, but the odometer read 52 miles! An excellent day to play hookie from work.

It was an even better back to Seattle week!!

Ride like the wind!

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  1. It felt so comforting to read this blog. You’re back home…back in Seattle!!! Glad you got some good rides in.

    I’m gonna have to check out Espresso Dental. I love that a dentist passes out cookies and espresso!

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