Seriously??? 1000 Posts???

So, sometime in the last week, I had a message flash at me from WordPress, the engine that runs our Mountainstroh blog. It was short and sweet, but made me do a bit of a double take.

This is your 1000th post!

OK, I had no idea I was approaching 1000, nor would I have ever guessed I would ever have 1000 posts. And it made me think about what all went into these….

First off, this all started back in January of 2013 when Michelle started a site for me and handed me the computer. “Here you go! Make it happen!”

I’d been considering doing a blog for a while. My initial idea was doing posts that might help new cyclists. I have done a few of those, but I soon realized I ran out of material pretty darn quickly. I soon made the decision that this was my blog and I could post whatever tickled my fancy. So I do!

I also learned, I really did enjoy doing blog posts. Now early on, only Michelle and my mom would read the posts I wrote, and they always made sure to like them each time. They are my biggest fans, and they continue to read every one! But as time went on, more and more people would drop in and read a post. Now, not counting those who read on Facebook or Twitter, I have 540 people who follow my blog. Some, Like Sarah from Honoring My Compass and Valerie from Wedgwood in Seattle History comment on almost  every post.

Its funny, on my big painful rides, Sarah pats me on the back and says “Go boy go!” while Valerie tells me to be careful and consider not going so far. She is also the one to point out my typos! (It’s because of her I read the post after typing it every time now!)  I appreciate both of them very much, As both are people I never would have met if I hadn’t started this.

A 1000 though! How much time is that??  Well, most of my posts take about an hour from the time I start until the time I hit publish. 1000 hours!! Thats 42 days worth of time (give or take!) Damn…  That’s a lot.

But I like it! There are many people (and I used to be one of them) that easily watch 1000 hours of TV a month!! With cycling and blogging and reading, my TV watching time is at a minimum. Funny thing I don’t miss it!

And you’d think by now I would run out of stuff to blog about. Shoot, how many posts reside in one guy’s head? Well, for the first year or so, I posted every day. It seemed like there was always something I had seen, or a story I hadn’t told yet. Fingers of fire I tell ya!!

Now though, I am down to 4 or 5 times a month. And that’s ok. Vacations bring spurts of multiple posts.

But otherwise, there has to be something I deem blog worthy. It could be a memorable ride, a cool photo, a random thought or an overheard comment. If I think something is cool, or funny I will share it!

This is why I have never been afraid to share some only my “worst” photos.

tony, hat

If I am blogging and start to giggle uncontrollably, Michelle knows it has to be a funny photo of me! I like making people laugh!

I love adventures, and most of mine happen on the bike. But adventures that you can share are even better. The mountaistroh blog allows me to put all my friends in the bike bag with me and take them along.

Y’all get to experience, the wind, rain, sunrises, whales, eagles, long hard climbs and adrenaline stoked downhills! Some of you might never get to went I have been, and for those who don’t I try to share as best I can.

But for those who read the posts and follow in my footsteps… That makes doing this worthwhile! I love when people have told me they are going to do the Oregon Coast or ride in Mt Rainier because of the stories and photos I have shared.

Shoot, y’all have even heard me sing!

Will I do another 1000? Who knows! My blogging is like my riding. As long as I keep having fun, then I will keep dong both. Should the time come where I dread to saddle up or to open the laptop; then I will make a decision about quitting,

So until one of these happens, WAY in the future. Thank you to all for stopping by, supporting my little blog, and leaving me comments. You have helped make this more of a success than I ever thought it could be!

Like the wind folks!

5 thoughts on “Seriously??? 1000 Posts???

  1. “30,000 Miles of Experiences, Adventures, and Thoughts and 1,000 Posts Written About Them”

    1,000! Wowsers! Congratulations!

    A few comments:
    1) Your Michelle is really good for you. Hold her tight, and treat her like a queen.
    2) You wear a lot of hats.
    3) That photo of you with the dual glasses makes me chuckle outloud every time I see it. You’re a hoot.
    4) More singing, please!

    Keep up the writing, my friend.

    1. I do my darndest to do just that with Michelle 🙂 people at work call us love birds! I like hats 🙂 I have since I was little and now they keep me from getting sunburned heads. A buddy of mine can’t understand why I share these photos. I keep saying ‘ if I laugh, others will too!’

      I have never EVER been told ‘more singing please!’

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