The Ocean She Calls!

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, the gods smile on us. Not just the weather gods, or just the cycling gods. not even just the mountain gods. I mean ALL the gods, little to small, smile down on you. We have just experienced this, and are very happy.

We let the most important people know already, my mom, the Mathmajor and the Manchild, and our closest friends in real life and the blog world. Now its time to let the rest of the world know. there has been a big change in Mountainstrohville…

A bit of history. My lovely bride Michelle was born in Newport on Oregon Coast. We take many vacations near there.

And lord knows I love cycling on the Coast

Michelle and I have talked for quite a while that we wanted to retire on the coast. It is just my happy place in life….

As any followers of mine know, I work for the Mighty P, PEMCO insurance out of Seattle. I have been there, with the exception of 3 years for a layoff) since 1991. Well, much to our PLEASANT surprise, the Mighty P told us “YES, you can move to the coast, and work from home!”

Holy crap!! Seriously???? OK, we need a place to live!

Well, no one can figure things out like Michelle can. The interwebs are amazing. And she found one! It was being built, but we had to come check it out.

So in a VERY wet day in the fall/winter we made a beeline down to Lincoln City to check out the potential new house. It was a bit unfinished.

And it was a bit dark inside.

And, in the pouring rain, it was as wet inside as it was outside.

We liked it a LOT!

At the same time, at home, we found a letter in the mail. It was from a flipper who wanted to buy our house…  Holy crap!! Can it be that easy??

We met Chris, and he was a very nice guy. He walked the house and told us he wanted to buy the place. He and Michelle dickered a bit, and came to a fair price. We didn’t have to paint, put on a new roof or, hell, even clean. PLUS he would let us rent the place while ours  was being finished.

Being on the coast, the winter weather is bad, and this flu season was tough, so the final date for completion kept pushing back father and farther… But we had a place to stay for the time being. Then, at the beginning of March, we had a completion date! We could move in on March 23rd!

That meant it was binge and purge time. We were using the Let Go app and the Buy Nothing page of Facebook to get rid of stuff right and left. Add to it, at least 8 full SUV loads to Goodwill. It is AMAZING how much crap we had.

Two weeks ago, we made a run down here. to drop off one car, and 2 full car loads of stuff.

The house was done!

We also got a refrigerator delivered, and cable set up. No lie, our cable guy’s name was Larry…. (wait for it….)

There will be a post about him soon.

It was also a great week! One day it was 80 degrees (we walked barefoot on the beach)

Even the horses loved it!

And we found our first Lincoln City float!

It was a good few days. Well, when we got home, it was time to get ready! We had to pack, move, set up the office, and be ready to work Monday! The pressure was on!

But, we have good friends!



and Kim

Were ready to Saddle up and come help us load, move, and then unload!

Mission control we are go!

Friday, March 23rd, was moving day. Sure as hell, in Seattle, it snowed!!  PEOPLE it is spring!!

Worse, the 3 amigos who were coming to help, almost didn’t get over the pass!

Then, when they hit Tacoma, there was this in the way…

Trafic was NOT their friend!

Eventually they made it! We got a little bit loaded in the U-Haul, had pizza and relaxed.

Saturday, we awoke to rain…   We loaded for 2 hours, getting soaked. Luckily for us, Michelle made the decision that we needed a bigger truck. We had that sucker packed to gills! And at 9:45,  or so, when the rain stopped, we were on the road!

Ok confession time! I have not driven a truck that size in 25+ years! I was a bit nervous. PLUS, the weather sucked! AND the roads near the end were narrow… I made a point NOT to tell mom I was driving the truck. I tend to worry the poor woman, and she claims I am the cause of most of her gray hair. I wanted to save her at least a hair or two…

We made it in Saturday night. Got the truck unloaded, and sat down for our second night of pizza. But we were done!

For a brief second, the moon smiled down on us.

Tonight, as I type this. 90% of the boxes are empty. The furniture is set up, pictures are hung, and I did my first shift from the home office.

The best part? A walk around the neighborhood, gives me this…

Tonight, we went to dinner and watched the waves the entire time.

Ladies and gents, I am now living where I can hear the waves in our bedroom. I got buzzed by a low flying osprey in my front yard, and we have deer walking through the neighborhood.

I can feel the stress has already dropped, the smiles are huge and I can’t wait to bust out the bike! I have been pouring over the maps looking up routes!

I am now a Coast Kid, in Lincoln City Oregon. There will be more pictures of whales, tug boats and waves. The adventures abound, and I am a very happy camper!

Like the wind! I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do!

9 thoughts on “The Ocean She Calls!

  1. Um….didn’t see this coming….but I am glad for you and want to wish you Happy Trails as you explore around your new area! Advice: be sure to memorize your home address so that you will be able to find your way back there from your wanderings on unfamiliar routes!

  2. You and your Michelle got permission from the Mighty P to work remotely?? And you just moved to the Oregon coast?? Holy smokes!! What a shocker!! 😉 I’m so excited for you! Indeed the gods have busy making the magic happen for you two. Enjoy!

      1. Sweet! I’d be telling a little white lie if I said that idea hadn’t crossed my mind!! 😀 Thanks for the offer. Looking forward to taking you up on it!

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