After Work in Lincoln City!

So, as we all now know, Mountainstroh and Mrs. Mountainstroh have moved out of the Puget Sound area of Washington. Last Saturday, we pointed our noses to the Southwest and arrived at Lincoln City. Since then, we have been going nonstop, with our OH SO helpful friends to set up the house, there are SO many more posts to come about the move in…

Today though, we talk about the benefits of moving here!

This morning, after busting their asses for days, our last two helpers, Kim and Rob, headed off on the way home. Suddenly Michelle, the cats, and I, were on our own. It just seemed a bit strange.

At 3:30, I signed off the phones, as my work day was over. It was time to enjoy ourselves. The sun had come out, and for the first time this week, it was time to enjoy ourselves and walk on the beach!

Michelle and I drove to the north side of town to Roads End, to walk a section we don’t normally get to. We wanted to enjoy the walk, and wanted to look for a float companion to our first one.

It was a bit windy, but with the sun, it wasn’t cold at all, we were able to walk in shorts and our rubber boots!

We took our time walking south. We watched the waves, looked for floats and just breathed in the salt air. Folks, as I walked I realized I can do this anytime I want to. The ocean is my back yard. I can walk the beach any stinkin time I want to. Yep, I was smiling huge!

As we headed south, I noticed the rocks in the distance.

Anyone who has read a beach post from me KNOWS I need to get to rocks and check out the sea life. The rocks on the Oregon Coast is where the life abounds. I walked along looking for floats and angling to the rocks.

As I expected, when I reach the rocks, life abounded!

There were the anemones:

And of course barnacles

The best of all though, I spotted this guy!

Yes, lately these are rare to spot due to a wasting virus. This guy was huge, and from what I could tell, very healthy.

About this time we decided to head back to the car. We had a good mile under our belt, and pure and simple I was hungry!

On the way back, we spotted these guys having all kinds of fun!

I love our new after work walks! Sadly there was not a new float to be found!

Ok, on the way back I will admit I was a bad influence. We had talked about eating healthier and cut back on wine starting today. (the move has been tough!) but I suggested we celebrate our first night alone at the coast at our favorite view bar at Fathoms.

I did not have to twist her arm….

We sat, talked with both Jesse and Luis, and watched the waves. No lie, we spotted 5 whales as we sat and munched. It was a great dinner.

When we got home, I started blogging, but Michelle noticed this outside our back door.

With the sun going down, I decided to walk up to the top of our neighborhood for some photos.

First there was the moon, smiling at us.

But then, as I looked toward the water I took these series of shots.

As I sat there watching, it hit me. I live here now… I can walk up here any time I want to and look, take pictures or just sit and watch.

This is not a vacation, it is home. I well never want for a beach sundown, I can walk anytime I want to, and just knowing that, my inherent high blood pressure started to drop.

I am a happy boy, with a very happy wife, and I am very lucky to be able to be here with a job! Life is good people! We have LOTS of adventures ahead of us!

Like the wind!

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  1. How weird! My browser is only loading the first photo (of the float). So all of your “we saw this” and then “we spotted this” is all just a big tease!!!! I’ll have to revisit your post from another device. Regardless, I’m so glad you can now walk the beach every day!

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