What I’ve learned in the first week…

A week ago, Michelle and I woke up for the first time as owners of a house in Lincoln city, Oregon. We had three amazing friends here ready to help, boxes everywhere, and a ton of stuff to do! A week later, things have changed a bit! 

Sunday, all 5 of us attacked the house. I had to have the office set up so I could start working Monday, and we had to use the brain and muscle power of Mark, Kim and Rob while we had them!

By the time the three of them left for home, all the pictures were hung, a big chunk of the trash was hauled away, and we were left with a garage that needed to be unpacked, and cleaned!

Now this is the boring stuff. Yep, it all needs to be done, but there was a lot to learn about living in a new place. So far, most of it is good!

First off, the four-footed creatures that mosey around the neighborhood are a lot different from  Mountlake Terrace. In MLT we had gray squirrels (I’ve seen one here so far) and the occasional rat from the yard next door. (these did NOT make us happy!)

Here, we have deer! Sadly, I did not have the camera handy when they were walking the neighborhood, but for the first 2 days we were here, there were 4 deer walking our roads. Yes, Michelle totally squeeeeed! We love deer!

On the not so great side, is our Starbucks. The baristas who work there are great! Always bright and cheery in the morning, and seem happy to see me. But, come noon, you can’t get INTO the place. People here love the drive thru line. They will back up clear to the road.  Going back for a second round means you have to park elsewhere and walk over… I might end up saving a bit of money….

One of the stranger things we’ve noticed is the lack of crows! Where we lived before, they were everywhere. On later afternoon bike rides, you could see thousands of them heading for the over night murder (a group of crows is call a murder).

Here, there might be just one or two…

What we do have are a nesting pair of osprey in the neighborhood! Michelle has heard them squawking after I have gotten out of bed and gone to work.  One morning, while we walked to the mailbox, we saw one with a fish in its talons. Clearly I need to keep the camera with me any time I leave the house!

Today, Easter Sunday, we decided to walk the beach in the morning. It was a bit chilly, a bit misty, and an excellent day to walk the beach! We were, of course, looking for floats, but we struck out. However, we threw a plastic bag in my backpack to help clean the beach. We picked up trash as we went along, It never hurts to build good beach karma!

Better yet were the starfish!

A little background…

Since 2014 the starfish on the Oregon coast have been suffering from a wasting disease. Literally, the arms of the starfish would break loose and walk away from the body, soon thereafter the starfish and the walking arms would die.

For the last few years, Michelle and I were lucky to see even one when we walked on the beach. Today was completely different!

We walked at low tide, and every single rock had starfish, Not one but LOTS!

We saw young and full adults! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! It was a great 4 mile walk this morning!

But there was still more…

First off I learned that hummingbirds can be red! How do I know? We had one in the back yard!

They are called Rufous hummingbirds! He has been enjoying the new feeder! I can’t wait to get a fuchsia out there as well! I had no idea hummingbirds could be red!

Finally, after a few hours of dedicated effort, I learned that yes, 2 cars actually do fit in a 2 car garage!

Yep, all the boxes are finally unpacked, and we are almost settled!

But wait I was incorrect!

There is one more thing I have learned….

I truly love it here. The smells, the sights and the lack of stress. I think I was meant to be a coast kid!

I very much love hearing the waves and being more relaxed, I was meant to be here! Stay tuned for more adventures…

5 thoughts on “What I’ve learned in the first week…

  1. Wow, those starfish are amazing! So glad you’re loving your new place. You’ll have to get Oregon plates on those two cars that fit into a two-car garage soon, ya know, to make you official. 🙂

  2. We don’t have much in the way of crows either – lots of hawks and eagles though. They like to eat the sage rats.

    I knew you two would love getting out of Dodge! It was the best thing we ever did. This rural living thing is great!

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