Larry the Cable Guy

Folks, one of the things I will have to get used to with this move is living in a small town. There are both pros and cons. For a con or two, the nearest bike store is 25 miles south. And, with only one Starbucks, the drive thru line, at noon is backed up to the road.

Pros are many. No traffic noise outside our window, friendly people everywhere we go to eat, we can hear the waves at night from the bedroom, and we have two, not just one, kind of hummingbirds.

Yep one is red

And yes, there is of course Larry the Cable guy…

No no I do NOT mean this guy

Though after looking at this picture there is a resemblance…

Our Larry is honestly a cable guy. The week before he moved he showed up to get our TVs and interwebs up and running. We needed him to make the magic happen so we could work from home when we moved in.

He showed up and said. “HI! I am Larry from the Spectrum Cable.” I was sure he was waiting for me to make a crack, but I refrained, and he went to work.

As we was working, he got a call from his boss. I was out in the kitchen reading and staying out of the way, but Larry is NOT a quiet man. Evidently, the dispatcher had given him a second huge job once he got done with out big one, plus some serious travel time to get there.

He texted the following response to the dispatcher: WTF 🙂

The dispatcher complained to the manager, who had to leave a meeting to call and reprimand him. I was trying to be polite and not listen, but then I him say, “But DUDE! I put a smile emoji after the WTF!!!”

I lost it… I am in the kitchen just howling!!! Maybe I was tired, or the stress of packing and getting ready to move, but at the time it was funnier than hell!

When he got off the call he came in to explain what happened. Which made me laugh again. I made it better for him by telling him some of my email misadventures. Suddenly I wasn’t a customer I was a partner in crime!

He kept working and chatting. He is really a very nice guy. But then Michelle noticed he forgot to put on the overboots. His work boots picked up some gunk from the outside and stained the brad new carpet! Yeah we weren’t happy, and he seemed to be ignoring it. Not making us happy,

Suddenly, a 6’2″ 200+ lb little kid came out of the room with his head hanging… “Do you guys have any cleaner?” he mumbled, “I messed up your carpet. I am so sorry…”

OK it was EVERYTHING I could do NOT to bust out laughing again! Michelle took pity on the poor guy, and seriously just appreciated that he owned up to it. She told him not to worry about it, we’d take care of it!

You could see the relief in his eyes. Suddenly he had a partner in crime AND a very understanding (not to mention damn cute) wife of said partner being nice to him. We were no longer customers!

When he was done, he let us know he had one worry: since the TV’s weren’t there yet, he couldn’t test the cable box to be sure all was ok. To help us out, he gave us his direct number. “Just call me and I will come back!” and he was gone…

But wait, he was back in 30 seconds, knocking… “Call me if you can’t figure out the remotes as well, I can program them for you!” And then he was off…

Fast forward two weeks…

Sure enough, the back room TV wasn’t getting a signal. SO to Larry I went.

When he answered today, I could tell he had NO idea who I was… Then I used the magic key, “I was there when you sent the WTF and the smile emoji!”

OH YEAH!!!!” I know JUST who you are!! I can be there at 4 today!” (I was calling him at 1, Tell me the last time Comcast ever got out that quick)

He showed up, and had it working (plus programmed the remote) in about 20 minutes. While he was doing so, I let him know we got the stain clean.

The kid came back! “OH GOOD!! I was just thinking about your new carpet last week and how I ruined it!”

“No dude!” said I, “You saved my butt! You know I will stain it sooner or later, and I won’t be the first one to do so! It worked out perfectly!” Once again we were buddies.

Only in a small town would we have our own Larry the Cable guy who really felt bad about messing up the house AND who wanted things to perfect for us. I think I am going to like a small town….

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  1. What a fun story! And it wouldn’t be the same if he was “Matt the Cable Guy” or “Jim the Cable Guy.” Nope, only the name Larry is fitting. Two cheers for WTF and pre-dirtied clean carpet!

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