Decisions Decisions…

Folks, this is shaping up to be an interesting weekend at the new homestead. Tomorrow, we have a pretty decent wind storm going to hit, Gusts up to 50, and this is causing a high surf warning!

For the natives and long-term coast kids, this is probably nuthin. “Might have to put on the heavier gortex” they might even mutter. But for me I am excited! I love ocean storms!

All day I have been looking outside as I have been working, watching for any tell tale signs. At the end of my shift, something struck me as odd…

No lie, at 3 PM it was sunny, no wind, and 70!! Holy crap!! Now the decision time.

This would be a perfect day to walk the beach AND an excellent bike ride day. I was voting for a walk with Michelle, but sadly, she had a hair dryer hit her big toe this morning. Walking was not in cards… She told me to saddle up!

Now we have only been here less than 2 weeks, Two weeks ago today, in fact, it was raining and snowing at our Mountlake Terrace house and we had a Uhaul in the driveway! (Really can’t believe I never took a picture of that!)

I tell you this, to let you know I haven’t had a lot of time to recon routes to ride. Therefore the three I have had time to take have been out and back along Hwy 101. Some people might think its boring to take the same route. But read along and lets see what you think…

I headed south again, with the plan to go over the top of Cape Foulweather and down the other side. Which of course means going over it for a second time. (For the non-cyclists among us, there is no better leg exercise than hills….)

As I head south, there are a few big parking loops to stop and see the ocean. The first is Boiler Bay. This is the third trip in a week of riding, and each time I have stopped for pictures. Here is how nice it was today!

I love when the water shines like diamonds! Even better when there is a boat!

As I entered Depoe Bay, off in the distance I spotted a gray whale spout! It takes some practice, and maybe even someone who knows what to look for, to see your first one. But once you do, you will be amazed how many whales really are off the Oregon coast. It takes a bit of patience and luck, but spotting whales on the coast is truly special. When you travel by bike, and spot one, you know the ocean gods are smiling on you!

Just south of Depoe Bay starts the climb to Cape Foulweather. So named because the weather can be atrocious on top!

I should stop here and explain that on the Oregon Coast, the word cape is synonymous with “big assed climb” And Foulweather is no exception, but I digress…

A placard on top tells you that some of the highest recorded winds ever on the continental US, have happened on Foulweather. Given this info, imagine my surprise when I experience this the day before stormageddon…

Blue skies, shirt sleeves and calm water! Yep the perfect day to ride.

I met an older couple up there, and she commented it was a great place to stop and that “You must be happy it’s all downhill from here”

“Yep”, said I, “but once I get to the bottom, I have to turn around and come back up!”

Have you ever had a computer that just spun trying to load a webpage? That was the look she had on her face. I could hear it, WHY would anyone go down and come back up??? It did NOT compute.

Her husband gave me a knowing look, a thumbs up, then patted her on the back and lead her away to look at the lighthouse. Those who do not ride will never understand.

I bombed down the hill to Devils Punchbowl 

And came upon this sign…

When I was leaving the Puget Sound, time and again I heard “You will miss being able to ride to a winery and wine taste..” Well this is the Flying Dutchman winery, and it is WELL within cycling distance! Ye of little faith.

OK, it’s a 32 mile round trip ride, and I have to climb this sucker twice

The very top of this is where I took my selfie! But I can still go there buy a bottle and bring it home any time.

As I rode home, the sun sunk a bit, it chilled off some and clouds were rolling in. I pushed it harder as I could feel the weather gods changing their minds and ending a summer day. I made it home dry and without having to battle too much of a headwind.

As soon as I got home, I took both cars out to gas them up, just in case of power failures. When I was at the gas station the first drops started to fall…

Now, sitting here blogging, listening to Jimmy Buffett on Alexa, I can see the barometer in the house is falling, I have a sneaking feeling this forecast is coming true.

But for today, I had a perfect ride. Once again I am reminded why I wanted to move here. Tomorrow the bike will be safe in the garage and we will run errands and watch the wind blow. We might even stop at a few spots where I can take some pictures!

It was a great day and the ride was the right decision!

But the way, if you are ever interested, search for Mountainstroh on Instagram, I share more photos there than even here!

Like the wind y’all!

2 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions…

  1. You live in biker heaven, friend. You’re gonna become such a strong rider with all those insane climbs. Forget Ramrod as people know it, Mountainstroh will soon be riding the Double Ramrod — two Ramrods in a day — he’ll make it look like a piece of cake!
    And how cool that you get to experience all the direct-off-the-ocean storms. Oh, yeah, baby! Buckle down the hatches for a good show! 🙂

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