Side roads….

Looking at the calendar, I am amazed to say we have been here over 2 weeks! That’s two-plus weeks of unpacking, working, and getting things done! Truly my two biggest accomplishments with the house are the fact that both cars can fit in the garage

And I was able, with some serious lifting help from Michelle, get this sucker hung on the wall!

We are getting to the point where most of the work is done! It feels like home.

It has not all been work though, the bike and I have had some travels…

As we all know, I moved from a home from which I cycled for 8 years. I knew every shortcut, side road, cool hill and bike path for miles around, I had routes that ranged from 20 to 120 miles. It all depended on what I wanted to do.

Now, I am in a learning mode. I need to take time, get in the car, and do some driving to map out some routes. Until I do, most of my rides have been up and down Hwy 101.

Now this is NOT a bad thing. All those pictures of the bike were taken along that route, as are many more that I haven’t shared. My Facebook and Instagram friends have got to be getting tired of beach pictures! Last night I saw this.

Make sure to look in the river, this isn’t just a kite, it a kite boarder, these guys are amazing!

101 has a huge shoulder both ways between my house and Newport. It also has great views. But with all its benefits, it is NOT a quiet ride! So I have been checking out any side road I can find to see 1) what there is to see and 2) if it works as an alternate route.

My first discovery, as I head south, is Glenedon Beach Lp. It’s a cut off 4 miles south of town right as the Salishan spa. It’s a quiet 2 lane road that takes you by this.

I haven’t been inside, but I gotta tell you I am tempted. Along this road is also the Red Roof Cafe advertised as an Espresso, Bakery and Wine bar! Shoot, if they have WiFi I could go there in the morning and never leave!!

It also has access to some beaches I had never seen. Now I could be wrong, but I am pretty confident this fence was NOT meant to look like this….

All in all, this loop gets me off the main drag for almost a mile of the 10 mile ride to Depoe Bay.

I also make a point of taking the long over turn outs of Boiler Bay and Rocky Creek. Again it gets me off the noisy freeway, and it never hurts to stop for a picture…

South of Depoe Bay is the climb over Cape Foulweather,

But there is a bike route, Otter Crest Loop. It’s a mostly deserted, 2 lane, dropping to a single one lane a mile in, road over the top. And you get views like this!

This a mile or more climb with no cars. You can hear them in the distance, but the waves and the sights drown them out. Michelle had never been on this road, so we took it on the way to go grocery shopping last weekend. She was amazed at the views! We will take her camera with us for photos here quite often I am sure!

In Newport, going southbound, is a bike route for a good 5 miles. It gives more looks at the Yaquina Head light house

And takes you right to the one on Yaquina Bay.

So the 25 mile ride south, I am off the road 8 miles of it. That aint bad no matter how you look at it!

North has more challenges, fewer people go that way on the bike. I have some side roads in Newport I have found. They have nothing to look at, but I am on quiet streets. I have found I can cut through Fogerty State park just north of Depoe Bay, and by using a pedestrian bridge, I can cut out the one narrow part of shoulder of the route home.

After that its 8 miles of non stop hwy…

Until last night…

Just past the Siletz Wildlife Refuge

Is Driftcreek road. (Look for the sign that says Sanitary Landfill)

OK I know, in the real world a road to the dump stinks…. And so does this one right now, but it’s because of the blooming skunk cabbage not the smell of garbage.

But here on the coast, the road to the dump is amazing! Its miles of rolling hills and pastures

There are horses, cows, a creek, and no cars! It adds 5 miles to the trip, and in those 5 miles I saw 4 cars!! The 4 I saw, each and every driver waved, nodded or raised a drink to me as they passed. Best yet, this road takes me right to the entrance to our house. It is the perfect way to end any ride from the south. It is now my go to route when coming home.

I have a lot more to explore! There is a route that takes me to a covered bridge. And I have two other lighthouses to ride to. This weekend, I am riding home from Corvallis after walking a 5 K . I am getting a lot of photos, trying to add to the miles, and genuinely loving it down here!

Thanks for tagging along with me, hope I make the trip as worthwhile for you as it is for me!


6 thoughts on “Side roads….

  1. A change of scenery is always a good thing. It’s adventure time, which makes the ride all the more interesting. Congrats on the move!

  2. A driver raised a drink to you?!?! Hopefully it was a coffee!! πŸ™‚ Enjoy exploring the beautiful place where you live. I’m sure there are plenty of quiet roads you can weave together for 20-120 mile routes. Discover them all (and then share them with me)!!!! πŸ™‚

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