The Corvallis 5K

It was a fun weekend! Y’all know that yesterday I rode 70 miles in the soaking rain, just because I could! But, in the same post I mentioned the reason we were in Corvallis was for the Corvallis 5K.

It was a very fun group of people who made the trek to Oregon State University just to travel 3.1 miles by foot…

First off, there were our three Wonder Women of yore, Heidi, Kim and my gorgeous wife Michelle!

These three women are amazing, They met years ago (hell NO I will NOT tell you how many years!) in college and have been friends ever since. They have been through thick and thin together.

I have never met three more supportive women ever, During our walk they all talked about how one or the other of them helped them finish a half marathon in the past. Just being there, talking, encouraging and believing in each other has won the day time and again,

Now I want to give an extra shout out to Heidi, the one on sunglasses. Ladies and gents she is a power lifter and can lift 300+ lbs!! She competes regularly and we are SO damn proud of her efforts. My favorite line from her this weekend was, “As a runner I am a great powerlifter!” We don’t get to see her as often as Kim, but we love it when we do!

These ladies rocked the course. They kept a steady pace, kept it fun, and finished strong! Always love being with them!

This year though, they weren’t the only ones of us participating! We had along, the youngest OSU Beaver of our group, the daughter of my Oregon Coast riding buddy, the ever lovely and vivacious Kourtney!

While the rest of us were there to walk it, this lady was there to run! And Run she did, hitting her personal best in a 5K (I regret I don’t know the actual time, but I seem to recall it was under 27minutes) She has more energy in her little toe than the rest of us together!

There was another aspect to her visit. She has been attending OSU remotely. This term, our girl graduates. This was the last time she would see campus before walking across the stage with her diploma. I know I have said proud a lot so far, but we are all extremely proud of her! Well done girl!

It wasn’t just the ladies though….

Mark and I moved from our normal, difficult as hell, support role

 To active participants in the 5 k!

I have done quite a few in my past glory days, but this was to be Mark’s first. I decided I better break out the finest in foot attire for my experience. Socks and Sandals! Hell yeah!

As you can see we are 5K badasses!

I love the route, it heads out on a walking path through some pastures. As you might tell, spring was in the air and some of the spectators were a bit frisky

And goes to a covered bridge.

As you can see, the ladies were taking no mercy on us! They were setting a strong pace.

Now the plan was to WALK the 5 K, But as we got close, Mark starts to run! Now in addition to socks and sandals, I am packing the backpack as a good sherpa should! But then Michelle and Kim take off running!

I was going to let them go, but I realized Michelle’s official timing chip was on my backpack! If I didn’t catch her, then she would cross but get no credit! Off I went. Backpack flopping, sandals slapping and lungs a blowing! I caught up just before she crossed! DAMN I was tired!!!

We all did great! Michelle and I were under 48 minutes! Our personal best on an event with the 2 of us! It was just big fun all the way around.

After showers and changing, we walked to the book store, and on the way stopped to see this.

Kim had gotten herself and her dad an Alumni brick, and for Christmas got Michelle one right next to her! These too have always been there for each other. No matter what has happened the other was there if needed. Now they are etched in stone together. I just had to smile. I love these ladies…

Afterwards was a pasta lunch/dinner and back to the Hotel.

Heidi, though, had an excellent idea! She was down in the lobby lounge and texted everyone! “Come on down!” And we did! We sat, had some drinks, ate some bad for us, but OH so good food, and just hung out. Old and new friends, just relaxing and being together.

It was a damn good weekend. Well done y’all! And one last time, I am damn proud of ya!

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  1. How fun! I like seeing the two of you (ok, the five you you) doing events together.

    And, Tony, you rock the socks’n’sandals. You make the Pacific NW proud, my friend! 😉

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