Elk Butts!

Its funny. For a while there, I was going through a serious Blog drought. I kinda felt like I had told all my stories, not much was happening that I hadn’t already discussed cycling wise. At times I considered taking a hiatus.

Fast forward a few months. Being in a new town, and on the coast and discovering places I’ve never seen…. Even short rides warrant a post! I know as I am here longer, this will change. But right now its fun! And tonight was a blog worthy short ride….

I ended up working a bit later tonight, I try to be done when my shift is up, but this was one of those days it was the right thing to do to stay and get a problem way out in Klamath Falls taken care of. Instead of 3;30 I was done at 4:30. But I made things right for a customer.

We had planned on taking a beach walk together, but throughout the day Michelle’s stomach just wasn’t happy with her. By the end of the day, she really just wanted to sit with a fire going and rest. I was willing to sits with her, but she kicked me out for a ride.

I decided that instead of going along the water, I would head inland this time. At the end of our housing area (just past the stripe that says leaving tsunami zone (no lie, if there is a real tsunami, people head for our neighborhood. In fact, every Wednesday they test the tsunami sirens….)) I have two choices head right to hit water or left to head inland. I went left

I first went along Schooner Creek road. (it just SOUNDS like a cool road to ride.) It’s an easy 2 lane road, and very little traffic traveling right along Schooner Creek (go figure!). Well 5 miles in, another sign like this appears.

Well hell!! It was just too pretty to stop, so I sucked it up, gave the bike a pat and went on the dirt road for about a mile and a half. Damn I am glad I did! This is what I found!

I kept hoping I’d hit pavement again, but 1.5 miles in I didn’t. I decided to turn around. I will be driving this route with the car soon and seeing where it goes. I think it goes to the covered bridge. So the bike and I will be back.

Well, I headed back toward home, but it was too soon and not enough miles riden yet, to go al the way home. I took a left at Drift Creek Trail road. Soon there was a sign that read  a trailhead was 10 miles away, and folks, it could be all up hill those 10 miles!! I made it 4 before I decided I needed to turn around to make it home by dark… But I am ahead of myself..

I was climbing steadily, when at about a 1.5 miles, I saw an offshoot road, (still going up!) This was clearly NOT the main road, but, to quote Frost, but I took the road less traveled by… And sure as hell it was less traveled! I passed one older gent on an electric assist fat bike, but otherwise it was just me.

Just over a mile in I hit the end of the road.

Well kinda…  I gave this a look, cuz there has to be road on the other side…

But alas, even I wouldn’t take my bike over that, a real mountain bike would be called for. It was seriously a pretty, secluded, and peaceful place though. Had it been earlier in the day, and I had big spray and a hammock, I mighta stayed…

I trundled down the hill and back to the main drag and started climbing again I kept thinking, Just one more turn and one more rise… I was really a magical ride. I saw only one car the whole time, and I felt like I had the world to myself. Rest assured, I will be visiting this hill again, with fresh legs, and with the blessing of the cycle gods, I will reach the top!!

I wanted to turn the bike loose on the way down, but even I wasn’t that dumb, Way too many twists and turns. If I do this too often I will need new brake shoes,

At the bottom of the hill, instead of turning right toward home, I went left for a bit. but a mile later once again I lost pavement, OK time to go home.

You know there are some cyclists who hate out and back rides. They want to do loops and not have to cover the same road twice. I, on the other hand,  believe the road never looks the same no matter how many times you ride it. And going the other way you see things you didn’t see before. Case in point

Did NOT see this on the way out!

Or, you did see it, but couldn’t stop for a photo. I am going to see if Michelle will let me get one for our roof!!!

Or it just looks cooler at a different time of day… Love this tree!

Animals were out as well, instead of a murder of crows I would see up north, down here I see circling turkey vultures!

I always worry about going too slow when they are around… Do I look like dinner?

Then, less than a mile from my house, was a huge rustling and trampling above me! I looked up in time to see 15 – 2o elk butts running away!! How cool is it to live near a herd of elk!!! There was no way too get a photo, I even risked passing a no trespassing sign to find them…

Ladies and gents, the ride was only 22 miles… But I saw more than I could have imagined and had so much fun, I had to share!

Thanks for coming along!

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  1. Dang, you live in an AWESOME place! I love all the dirt roads around you! Ah, and so many forests!!! Can’t wait to pick your brain about awesome routes in your neck of the woods. But first you must explore more! 🙂

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