A busy day!!

We are coming up on the one month anniversary of moving to the ocean! In some ways it seems like time has flown by, in others it seems like forever ago we left Mountlake Terrace. But, unlike coming to Lincoln City for a vacation, When you live here, there are chores to do..

We planned for today to be a productive day! Tomorrow I want to get a long ride in, so this was the day to get stuff done. We slept in until 7 (that is late for us) and after a Starbucks run, and breakfast we were ready to go!

First order of business, a run to the transfer station. With any move, there is stuff that just needs to be gotten rid of. We had a ton of styrofoam packing from items we ordered for the house, some wine bottles that for some reason you can’t put in the recycle bin in Oregon, and various crap that would take forever to dispose of with our tiny trash can.

I loaded the SUV and we were off. The transfer station is about 4 miles away. Go past the elk herd and hang a right then the first left! $8 later, the SUV was empty and we heading home.

Next Goodwill. We have some things we thought we wanted to keep, but it just turned into clutter instead. This was the stuff too good to throw away. Another full load for the SUV, and boom the garage looks even more empty!

After Goodwill was a trip to Newport Fred Meyer and the pet store for groceries and things for the cats. In and out and by 11 AM we were done and hungry! We had picked up some sushi for lunch and we chowed down!

Now, unlike back in Seattle, part of our planned ‘chores’ today included  beach walking. Today is Earth Day, and we had wanted to do a beach clean up walk.

Little did we know, though, it was a VERY low tide today. So in addition to the walking and cleaning, we got to see things we don’t normally see!


Rocks that are normally underwater

And today a first, a bleach seagull skull!

It was a good 3 miles walk and picking up a back of trash qualified us for a drawing for a special Earth Day glass float. (yes I know, I am a beach nerd!)

Back to the house and it was time to clean the both bathrooms. Living at the ocean is a dream come true, but bathrooms don’t clean themselves!

You would think after all this it would be time to sit and relax, have dinner, maybe a glass of wine…

But I was antsy for some reason I wanted to do something….

Another difference in living here vs visiting? There are other places to go than the beach. When here on vacation, the ocean and beach are the focus, cuz you know at the end of the week, you won’t see it for a year.

Living here, I KNOW I will see it on my bike ride tomorrow. So tonight I went inland. I’ve been wanting to check out Drift Creek Falls. In fact, both Michelle and I want to see it. BUT, the last trail I took her on that I hadn’t checked out first ended up being a miserable trip on a poorly maintained route! I was going on a recon mission to make sure it was worth the effort and no ropes or ice axes were needed.

The road to the trail is 10 miles long, and 8 is uphill. It is a narrow twisty (paved) mountain road. It is an extremely pretty drive, but the whole time I was thinking “I need to bring my bike and hit it with fresh legs! It will be an amazing bike ride!!

I made it to the trail and the sign said 1.25 miles to the suspension bridge at the falls Ok, it was later in the day, and I had no food, water or a flashlight. But I could crawl 1.25 miles and back before it got dark.  I was off.

I am amazed at how many people looked like they weren’t going to make it back. I passed 1 lady who asked if she was close to the cars yet. When I said yes her reply was, “SWEET JESUS THANK YOU!!!! This uphill climb almost killed me!!” I came upon another group that was drenched in sweat. “We are almost there!!! We started over 2 hours ago!! This is a hard trail, are you sure you want to go this late?” (it was 630).

Folks this is the trail….

Smooth the whole way, yep it goes downhill to start, so uphill to come back, but Its a harder climb to our mailbox  and then home than this hike. I thanked him for his concerned but said I’d be ok.

It is a pretty hike! Just some highlights of the walk

Soon though, I was at the bridge, and I love a cool suspension bridge.

But I didn’t see a waterfall, until I got part way out and looked back!

The creek with is about 25 feet across a 100 feet before this

Is forced through a gap maybe 8 feet wide and plummets 75 feet. Meanwhile you are on a narrow suspension bridge that bounces a sways a bit as people walk. In short I loved it!! I could sit there for hours, I think, to watch it fall. I would love to go there after 3 days of heavy rain!

Truly, I really want to get down there so I can look up at the falls, I think I found a route, but I had the wrong boots, it was late, there is no cell service and for once I chose NOT to do the normal Tony thing! I headed back to the car instead. (Maybe I am getting old! )

The walk back was easy and very peaceful. There just weren’t a lot of people there…

Can’t believe I’ve been coming to the Oregon coast for 30 years and had no idea this was here!!! Who knows what else I will discover. You know I will share it when I do!

Like the wind!!

6 thoughts on “A busy day!!

  1. Part of your chores included beach walking?!? Ah, I love it! Hubba, hubba! That hike to the waterfall (with a suspension bridge!!) looks awesome. Dang, kid, you definitely made a good move.

      1. I totally understand. Sometimes the best thing to do is to find a safe place to stash the bike in the woods — hidden in the underbrush.

  2. OK, but do you have one of those trouble-beacon thingys that hikers carry in case they fall into a ravine? So that someone can find you? It is good to change it up with a short hike but not if you fall into a ravine.

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