A tale of two photos

Anyone who knows me in person, on Facebook or from this blog, knows how I feel about photos of me. I have firm rule, if it makes me giggle, I want to share it. I honestly love to make people laugh.

Looking at these still make me laugh! This week, I posted a couple to both Instagram and Facebook. I very much love the comments I received…

The photos I posted came from the official photographers of the Corvallis 5K run from a couple of weeks ago. This was the first event that Mark and I joined the three lovely Corvallis coeds!

 Well as you can see, I was rocking the socks and sandals!

Now remember the plan was we were going to walk the route.

However, this takes us to the first photo I was speaking of.

As we were walking, we saw the photographer on the other side of the covered bridge. Mark, of course, took off running. He wanted to look good for the camera. (as if he could look bad..)

Then, someone in our foursome (I honestly don’t know who) said lets run for the picture!  Let us remember, I am in sandals and wool socks and carrying a backpack!

The first think I noticed was this:

Yep, when he snapped the photo I was in mid-air! And, might I say, looking pretty damn good! We kept the pace going until we passed the man with the camera. Folks please note I was carrying a back pack AND extra coats! Sherpa Valente they call me!

The best part of this photo, though was this!

Person after person commented on this. My incredibly beautiful bride looked amazing! Big smile, great  hair, and looking skinny as hell and having a good time. I Facebook friends, and rightly so, gushed about how good she looked! I was so happy to see these comments about her. No wonder I love her so…

But then there was this shot of me at the finish-line.

Here is our hero. Big belly, double chin and looking like he was going to keel over! Michelle started to run, and I needed to catch her as I had he bit, and timing chip, with me! I wanted her to get credit for her finish.

I am still getting comments from people telling me how proud they were that I shared this. It’s a photo that is truly unflattering and shoes me not at my best.

People just don’t understand! I saw this and KNEW I had to share! I laughed at myself and laughed hard! When that happens, sharing much happen!

It was a fun event, and the photos were perfect! Michelle is as pretty as can be, and I am butt ugly and funny!

It was the perfect event and a great day!

2 thoughts on “A tale of two photos

  1. I love ALL these photos! Sorta makes me think of Beauty and The Beast. 😉 Which, btw, has a very endearing message. You’re about as photogenic as I am, Tony. Strike that — you’re at least ten times more photogenic than me. Keep having fun, my friend!

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