Its Becoming a Habit!

OK, OK I know. Lately the blog has been mostly about cycling… But in all fairness, the Mountainstroh blog started as a cycling site. Then, as time when on, it just became more about life in general, and since my life, especially this time of year, seems to revolve around cycling, it kinda makes sense! Plus cycling at the Oregon coast is amazing!

However, there is something new that is wedging its way into life. In fact it is becoming a bit of habit. The Beachwalk!

Long time readers might be thinking, “Dude! You’ve been doing posts from the beach for as long as this blog as been around!” In fact, here is a photo from the first year, May of 2013…

But, now that we have been here over a month, the beach walk as changed. And I think for the better!

When I was here on vacation, it was all about the waves and whales and sunsets! (All of which I still love, by the way!) Since I knew we were here a short time, and a year would pass before I saw the waves again, I concentrated on the ocean exclusively!

Today, I know I am NOT leaving. I love it here! I have an osprey that lives in the trees behind me, I have deer that walk through the neighborhood,

I have elk that live a mile away

And I can walk the beach anytime I want to, this IS my happy place!!

What I have noticed changing is the pattern and method of walking.

For the last few weeks, I find myself taking a beachwalk one week night, usually after a REALLY hard day! But, I also celebrate the end of the week with a walk on Friday evening. Then, after a busy weekend, which usually includes a walk with Michelle on the beach, I go out again after dinner Sunday to clear the head before the work week starts! How can this NOT clear your head and bring you to a state of peace!

There is just something about waves and sky and clouds….

But that is just part of it! My way of walking has changed as well.

When I start, wherever the start is, I head out in the soft sand, mostly looking down. I won’t lie, I am looking for more of these!

The Lincoln City float fairies hide these every day above the high tide line during fall, winter and spring. Come Memorial day they will stop. I would REALLY like to find another one!

Some days, like today, I also carry a plastic trash bag and a long-handled sand scoop. Beach clean up is a good thing!

Ok rant time! Two kinds of people make me mad. #1 is smokers. WHY is it ok to toss butts on my beach!! If you gotta smoke, fine, but put them out and then put them in a baggy to carry to a garbage can!

#2 is some dog owners! I like dogs and their owners. When an off leash beach dog runs up to me, I say hi and give pets. But daily I see dog poop bags stuffed under drift wood. For the luva gawd, if you bag it take it with you! If you are just gonna leave it, then don’t bag it just bury it!! 

Ok rant over… Sorry…

Looking around for either floats or trash, lets you notice things other than waves.

Seagull Skeletons

Rocks that look like faces

Cool flowers

And even driftwood that looks like a dinosaur

There are just so many things other than the ocean to see at the beach!

One thing hasn’t changes, I love to find giant rocks and tide pool creatures.

And yes sometimes, I even spot a cyclist!

Funny story I posted this photo to my instagram feed and the guy riding the bike found himself! 

On the way back during my walk, the focus changes.

I move from the soft sand to the surf. I stop looking for floats and trash, and I just look at the ocean.

There are nights, like tonight where I feel like I am almost the only person on the beach.

When you watch the waves sometimes you see fishing boasts

Or surfers

More cool rocks

Or just things that can’t really be described.

In short, if you let it, the beach will cleanse your soul. The crashing waves, the fresh air, the sun, the lifeforce of the ocean will encompass you, and wash away any stress. I come back from the beach happy, refreshed and just plain thankful that we live here!

Beachwalks are a good thing! I LOVE being a coastkid!


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