I’m a helper!

Ladies and gents, this week has been a butt kicker at work. Things that seem simple at first glance have gone into a tail spin as I’ve worked on them. It does make the day go fast, but this week I honestly coulda worked extra hours each night. Last night, Michelle kicked me out on a ride instead…

It was relatively early when I hit the road, so I decided to do the out and back ride to Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

I will tell you, each time I take off on this route, I plan to get to the lighthouse, turn around and leave. Just a quick touch and go. And each time, like last night, I end up staying a bit… But I am getting ahead of myself.

I headed south, on a cloudy, but not too bad afternoon. It was nice enough that I didn’t have the waterproof gloves. However, I have learned to keep the light weight rain coat with me at all times! You just never know.

Sure enough, about 6 miles south, I look ahead and see this coming at me….

It hasn’t hit me yet, but thar be storm clouds ahead! Arrrrrrr!!!!!

Well, I had time to layer up, and get ready. Sure enough, I was getting rained on for the next 7 miles or so…

However, I am a coast kid now, if I turned around every time it rained I would never ride, so ride I did.

As I climbed Cape Foulweather, the rain stopped but the clouds lowered to fog status.

There is something about fog, if muffles all noise. There was no wind, I couldn’t hear the cars on the road above me, and even the waves were muted. What doesn’t get muffled though, is the sound of animals. Frogs croaking, squirrels chittering , and birds singing I can hear distinctly in the fog.

Yesterday, I heard, in two different places, ospreys talking. With them being white, I would never be able to see them in these clouds, but it sure sounded like they were saying “Hi Tony! Have a great ride!” Only on the coast will you hear osprey chatter!

As I got to the lighthouse, the rains stopped and it cleared a bit. As I said, I had planned to hit the top and leave, but I decided to dry out a bit and stay for a while.

Just north of the lighthouse is this tree.

Now what you may or may not have noticed is the two hanging out on the bottom right hand branch.

It is VERY easy to miss these guys. If it’s the first time at the lighthouse, and the waves are crashing, you focus there. I have been told recently these guys are here a LOT this time of year.

Why do you ask? Well it’s because of this rock.

Let me zoom in to the top…

And this one

And a lot of others near by! Birds are roosting, laying eggs and raising chicks. It’s a lunch counter for the eagles! Plus there are plenty of fish. Why would they leave?

But let’s get back to the helpful part.

I saw a younger couple, taking pictures of each other and the lighthouse, and I asked if they had seen the eagles yet? “EAGLES?? WHAT EAGLES!” and they headed that direction. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw them at their car and he told me, “I’ve NEVER seen bald eagles before in real life, thank you!”

In the mean time, I had also run into an older gent who was reading the information signs. I walked up to him and said, “You may have already seen them, but if not, there are 2 bald eagles right over there.”

His eye lit up and he yelled, “HELL NO I haven’t seen them!!” and started rushing over to the spot I pointed out.

I looked back just as I was ready to take off. He’d evidently been waving at me for bit, and when he saw me look, he gave me a big thumbs up!

There have been times I have pointed things out to people and they just look at me weird (but then people look at me weird for a lot of reasons!) But its times like this that remind me why I do it. Almost everyone loves whales, sea lions, starfish and bald eagles. These three people last night were genuinely appreciative of the information. Without a quick word from me they would have missed it. Now  the young guy from Washington state has a memory he won’t forget!

The weather gods must have approved, for the ride home was perfect! Clouds parted some, no rain and slight tail wind. The perfect way to end a VERY busy, and hard day!


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  1. That’s awesome! Kinda makes you wonder if the roles are ever reversed — when the eagles say to each other, “Did you spot the guy who rides the wheels? Look, he’s over there! All decked out in bright yellows and greens!” 😁

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