A weekend off the bike

We moved down to Oregon on Saturday March 24th. On the 26th, I fired up the home office for the first time and we have been gong strong ever since. Working, walking on the beach, doing chores around the house, and in general, just living.

As I have two big rides coming up soon, each weekend has found me on the bike, doing progressively longer and harder rides to get ready for them. It’s a labor of love, as I truly enjoy time on the bike. Plus, with the way I love to eat, if I didn’t ride, I’d look like this!


This weekend though was different…

Friday was a long HARD day at work. In fact, instead of getting done a little early, as I try to do on Fridays, I stayed an hour late. Add to it I started a half hour early, and ate lunch at my desk, it was a LONG hard day!!

After dinner, I was out the door and headed down for my Friday evening decompress walk. It was a beautiful night!

It was also a very cool nature beach walk. Jellyfish were washing ashore.

Sanderlings were flocking together

And for the first time since we’ve been down here, the sandpipers were out!

It looks like a perfect night for a walk, and it was except for the wind.

The north wind was causing the sand to drift into cool shapes, and it was relentless. For a walk on the beach, it is only annoying if you get sand in your eyes or forgot a coat. But on a bike, these headwinds make for a long hard ride… As I finished the walk, I realized I REALLY didn’t want a ride like that the next day.

In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized, I just wanted a weekend off. So I did! No alarm was set, no one woke up early, and there was no riding this weekend. Know what? The world did not end!

Instead, on Saturday, we got chores done. I took a load of bottles to the recycle center. (For some reason here in Oregon you can’t put wine bottles or jelly jars in with your recycling. ) We took a hefty bag full of plastic bottles (Water, Gatorade, Diet Mtn Dew)

To the grocery store and figured out how to use the automatic crusher counter doohickey! (Watch your fingers!) We took home $8.30! Then we did grocery shopping, went to the pharmacist and got stuff done around the house.

At 4 oclock we decided to treat ourselves and we went south to Gleneden and the Red Roof wine bar. which just happens to be in a converted community church. (I forgot to bring my camera so I stole this from Google!)

Did you ever see the old TV Cheers, with Cliff and Norm at the bar?

Well, add 30 years or so to each of these guys, and they would be the two guys sitting at the bar when we got there. They couldn’t hear what each other was saying, but they were happy to sit there and enjoy each other’s company! The more they misheard each other, the more I laughed.

Later, Kelly and her husband showed up. People that woman is a talker! Raised in San Diego, retired librarian from Medford, married in Shady Cove it was a whirlwind of information.

Now normally I HATE chatty people at a bar. But for some reason, here at the beach, with Michelle there, meeting a new person who was nice, it wasn’t so bad. Then the pizza we ordered showed up!!!  OMG good! Plus, we learned that in the morning, before it turns into a wine bar at 4, this place is an amazing bakery! In fact they make their own bagels and English muffins! We WILL be going back!

Today, we had seen the weather was supposed to be nice, so we had planned a day trip to Cannon Beach. Now I know I have been here a month, but there are times that it just hits me out of the blue again that we live here. The fact we can do a day trip to Cannon Beach is amazing!!

It was foggier than hell here this morning, but when we headed north, it thinned out. By the time we got to Cannon Beach, it was blue sky and sunny, almost 70. We scored primo parking and started walking through town.

Today, though was of course Mothers day. The town was packed!!! But we had great timing. We hit Michelle’s favorite cute store, Sesame and Lillies, and got out before a bunch of noisy kids got in. Then we got to our favorite fish and chips place, Tom’s Fish and Chips, just as they opened. We even scored our favorite scones from the Lazy Susan Cafe!

  The traffic downtown, both on the roads and sidewalk,  was getting worse, so it was time to head for the beach. Now, normally, the smart move is to drive to the south end of town, and park at a giant wayside parking lot. I have never seen it full!

However, I have never been there on a sunny 70 degree Mother’s day! I was jam-packed, but we were lucky and found street parking a block away. To the beach we went!

The area ride at the parking lot was a zoo! There musta been 500 people there! But, we are walkers, and soon left them behind us! We were soon getting close to Haystack rock, and the surrounding seastacks.

Now I know people come here for Haystack, the top photo, but I thing the other rocks are even more spectacular at times! Though I do love the birds on Haystack.

I did mention we were walkers, well clearly today showed there were other ways to travel on the beach. Mountain Bikes

E-Bikes (electric motor assisted)

And some strange one wheel doohickey!

Now this whole time, what I hadn’t noticed was the source of the haze you may see in these photos. Turns out, the sun was so warm and bright it was quickly evaporating the moisture in the sand. Steam was rising from the beach!

I’d never seen this happen before! Kinda makes this shot look like a zombie movie! (also shows a snippet of how many people were there!

After the walk through town, and on the beach it was time to head south again toward home. As we crested the hills outside of town and saw the view, we could see that parts of beach south of where we were (in essence where we live) were still fogged in! I love this shot!

We didn’t go straight home though. We took the scenic route at stopped to feed some little salmon and some HUGE trout at a fish hatchery.

Then we stopped here.

These folks are right on a remote bay, they take in fresh saltwater, and put it into kilns to evaporate the water.

Leaving some of the most amazing salt! If you ever see it in the store, snatch up a bag, you will not be sorry!

After this, we hit the fog, and in fact, our house never did clear out today. Which made it the perfect day for a road trip!

I did not ride a bike this weekend, and I am honestly happy I didn’t! It was a very relaxing, productive and fun weekend!

Next Saturday? I ride a century!!! Reach the Beach!

4 thoughts on “A weekend off the bike

  1. A weekend off, even from a favorite activity, can be an absolute luxury. You packed a beach-load worth of fun activities into your weekend. I enjoyed your write-up — ’tis fun to see how the beach takes on such different personalities.

  2. Oh, and that cartoon is hysterical! That is *exactly* what I envision I look like after a long winter of no biking (i.e. now).

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