Two very different walks!

I got lucky this weekend! As we know, Friday I spent driving to Portland and sitting in a an Apple store. In the end, the computer is alive and kicking! Plus we didn’t lose anything!

Then Friday, Rob and I successfully pedaled 106 miles from Portland to Pacific City

Initially, I was supposed to work Monday, jumping right back into the grind, but the corporate gods smiled on me, and I was able to sneak in one more day off….

Monday dawned bright and sunny! We had a few chores to do that day, like grocery shopping, but for the most part, we had the day to ourselves. So after a yummy breakfast at Sambos

We decided to enjoy a leisurely walk on the beach. It was an amazing morning of blue skies, calm winds and warm!

Had this been a weekend, especially starting next weekend (Memorial Day) and beyond, the beach would have been crowded beyond belief. On this spring like morning, these were the only crowds we had to deal with.


Don’t believe me? Well take a look, from Cape Foulweather to the north

All the way south as far as we could see

We had the place to ourselves. There’s just nothing like the feeling of a ‘personal’ beach!

We were in no hurry and it was just an excellent way to walk off a good meal. Plus, as always, there is always something new to see in and near the ocean.

What you see here is a driftwood log. I snapped a quick shot of it cuz I though it was cool. Well eagle eye Michelle took one look at the photo and zoomed in on the lower left! Sure enough, there is a harbor seal smiling for the camera! I zoomed in for you below.

We put in two easy miles, but, not realizing the sun was THAT bright, we forgot the sunblock AND my legs were still tired. We called it quits before we got burned or Michelle had to piggy-back my tired butt to the car. It was a great morning!!

One might think a single beach walk in a day would be enough, I tend to think those folks are incorrect! After dinner I decided it was time to go again!

However, sometime between 8 AM and 6 PM the weather changed! The nice calm weather of the morning had moved on. It was prime kiteboarding weather!

In fact, it was blowing so hard, this poor guy, who was done and was walking back to his car, almost got blown over.

For the record, later this summer I want to try stand up paddle boarding (NOT on the ocean but on the lakes and bays!) But I do have to admit these guys make this look like fun!

I started out with a walk south and the wind at my back. How much wind you ask?

It was even blowing patterns in the surf!

But with all the wind, it was still bright and sunny!

The sun hit the sail of a valella valella just right as I passed by, I’d never noticed the patterns before.

I was loving the walk south…

Soon though, I realized that the tailwind had helped push me 2 miles south of the car. Normally this is NOT a bad thing. I like to walk. But this time it meant a 2 mile walk INTO the wind to get back!!!

I will fully admit, walking into the wind is MUCH easier than cycling into the wind, but with a wind like this it was NOT easy. Plus, remember the talk about tired legs? Well this time, Michelle was smart enough to stay back home. The piggy back option was not there….

So, as they sang in “Santa Claus is coming to town” I simply put one foot in front of the other and kept walking.

Wow to reread this, it almost sounds like I was hating it. Well not so much…

It was simply too pretty

And at times awe-inspiring

To be anything but truly fun evening to be on the beach!

Folks, since I was a wee lad, I have always loved being on the beach. But the more I am here, the more I loving this! Funny thing, I am more excited for the fall weather and storm season than the upcoming summer days. I am finding I love the ocean in all its moods, dead calm all the way to raging. I want to know them all, and share as much as I can with you.

Welcome to the ocean readers of mine!

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  1. Oh my, that velella velella is beauuuutiful! I’ve never seen anything like it before! πŸ™‚ And that last photo — of the crashing wave — well…that’s just plan ole’ HOLY WOWSERS! πŸ™‚

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