OK, THAT was cool!

Somethings don’t change regardless of where you live.

Wherever you are, there are errands to run, chores to do, and bathrooms to clean. Ocean house or not, there are just things to have to get done.

Another commonality is the after work bike ride.

On morning rides, I have ALL day. I can go as far as I want and no worries. After work rides? I have to factor in sundown. I am not afraid of riding at night, but I prefer not to, especially when I have to work the next day. This tends to mean the evening rides follow the same routes each time.

I have a 20 and a 40 mile route, and it depends on when I get off work, the winds and how the legs are feeling, as to which one I choose.

I am learning, though, that one never knows what will happen on a ride here on the coast…

Last evening was the first ride after the century ride this weekend. Up and until then, the winds have been pretty rough, and the legs a bit tuckered. Yesterday, though, the winds stopped and the legs were ready. When I signed out from work it was time for a 40 miler!

Here on the coast, my go to 40 miler leaves the house and goes to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and back.

Could there be a better halfway point?

The ride started out as always, heading south on Hwy 101 through Depoe Bay. I was very happy the winds were non-existent, and the temps were in the low 60s, perfect for a ride.

Just past Depoe Bay, the Oregon coast bike route gets off the main highway and we cyclists get to ride the Otter Crest Loop to the top of Cape Foulweather. This starts as a two lane country road, then turns into a 1 way 1 lane uphill route with a bike lane. I love it cuz its quiet, has very little traffic and some very cool views.

One of the biggest benefits of this route is the lack of traffic! Rarely, do I run into any vehicles.

Yesterday was different.

I was riding along, climbing the hill, enjoying the view, when up ahead I saw a pickup backing down the hill in front of me. He was going slow, but he was going the wrong way on a one way road.

The driver had the slider back window open and was looking out of it as he backed down. I moved as far to the right as I could. When he got close, he yelled out to me, “HEY! Did you see the pocket knife I dropped on the road??” “Sorry nope!” I replied.  What I really wanted to know is how someone drops a pocket when one is driving.. But I decided it was better not to ask.

He kept backing and I kept climbing. Y’all KNOW I will be looking for it the next time I ride Cape  Foulweather I will be looking for it!

When I got to the top, it’s a rule that I stop and take in the view.

I know it looks gray, but it was an excellent day to be on the road!

One other part of the top of the cape I enjoy is this dude.

He seems to like looking at the ocean as much as I do! I wish I could sit and share a beer with the guy, and have him tell me stories of what he as seen.

After a 2 mile fun downhill, it is only 4 miles to the lighthouse. This a daily fee site on the coast, but being a bike get in free!

This time, though, something was different…

When I got to the entrance the gate was a closed and a ranger was posted entrance. It was closed…


OK, time to turn around. So I started to when she said, “Hey, its only the cars who can’t go in, bikes are fine, go ahead!”

Who am I to argue?? Off to the lighthouse I went.

When I was there, I noticed the common murres were out in force.

You could hear them squawking for miles!

Soon after I got there, the ranger was up there kicking people out, it was time to lock the gates. When she got to me, I told her I would saddle up and go as well. Once again she said, “Don’t hurry, you are a bike, you can stay as long as you want.”

Folks, no lie, 5 minutes later I had the place to myself!! Not another soul was around. Can you tell I was happy?

Since there was no chance of my bike stolen I was able to go places I don’t normally go. First I went part way down to cobble beach for these photos.

Then, for the fun of it, I moseyed over to the north view, and found a small cove I had never seen.

I love when I find a new part of a favorite place!

As I roamed the grounds, I found this memorial to the men of the sea. I feel it is well deserved!

With no one else around, I was able to enjoy the views all around.

Folks, anytime a turkey vulture gets this close, I wonder:

  1. Do I smell bad from my bike ride?
  2. Do I look half dead from my bike ride?
  3. Both?

In the end I wasn’t eaten, but, I had to head home to beat the darkness. Sadly it was time leave my own private lighthouse.

In past rides, I had to fight headwinds all the way home, last night this was not the case.

It was an easy ride home, perfect temps and no wind!

I did have to stop and check this out, anyone want to buy a truck? It’s for sale in Depoe Bay.

In the end, after a long hard work day, this was an excellent 44 mile ride. I enjoy the hell out of  riding the coast, you just never know what will happen here. I love it when the cycling gods smile on me!

8 thoughts on “OK, THAT was cool!

  1. What a perfect way to end your day, Tony! I’m looking forward to following your coastal adventures. 🙂

  2. There is A LOT going on in this post:
    * the funky dude looking for his pocket knife (did he look the serial-killing type?),
    * your wanting to share a beer with a two-dimensional dude on a sign,
    * the non-sucky awesomeness of being able to visit the lighthouse although all the folks in cars had to leave, and
    * your line-of-thought when the turkey vulture approached.

    I tell ya, Mountainstroh, your posts are a hoot to read!

    1. I STILL look for that knife when I ride the route! And I won’t lie I watched in my mirror the whole time I climbed..

      I kinda miss my private lighthouse, they are staying open longer now. But there is a post coming that will discuss the fun part of having people there!

      VERY happy you are liking the posts! I missed you!!!

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