Jesse and Luis

Y’all know I am not big on meeting people. I ride alone (for the most part) I hike alone, and I am pretty much an introvert. I like it that way.

The one exception seems to be Starbucks Baristas. For some reason, by the second week of being in Lincoln City, I was known by Melissa, Sharae, Serena, Nuemi and Jake. Shoot, by the time I get to the counter from the parking lot, as often as not, the green ice tea I am picking up for Michelle is sitting on the counter waiting for me. It is good to be a regular!

Well the other exception is Jesse and Luis…

Jesse and Luis work at Fathoms on the top for of the Inn at Spanish Head

Before we moved here, it was our favorite place to stay. And the views from the top floor bar are amazing

Jesse and Luis are the servers there,

Late last year, when Michelle and I came down to look at houses, we stayed here. We went upstairs for dinner, and met up with Jesse. He remembered us from the summer before. When we told him we were moving here he adopted us!

He told us about the float fairies who hide these floats during the off-season.

Honestly, I am still not sure he isn’t one of the fairies that hide these.

He is also my go to person for advise around here. He tells us places to eat, places to go, and when I needed a haircut, he pointed me to Diane in Salishan. Not only can I get a haircut there, if there is a wait there is free beer!

When we show up, he makes a point to fill us in on local events and what is happening to him. Hiking, vacations and life in general, we are his people. One day he went to the local glass blowing studio and showed us the float he made that was “as big as his head!!” He just seems genuinely happy to see us when we show up.

Today he filled us in a couple of local hikes, and the fact he loves to kayak. He lives just down the hill from us.

Then there is Luis. He is from south of the border somewhere, as has a serious hispanic accent. The man is a serious flirt! Ladies who are there without husbands get special attention, and extra squeezes on the shoulder when he talks. He smiles all the time, and is also happy to see us!

When we show up he comes right over, greets us with a huge smile. Our glasses are never empty and visits often. Today he informed us he has two favorite seagulls. Steven Seagall, the male, eats from his hand. Then this is this lovely lady, Martha Stewardess

She is a bit more hard-to-get. She will eat anything he drops, but won’t come up to his hand. She may or may not have shared our fries today!

In short, these two guys make us feel welcome every time we show up. In fact, we refer to it as “going to see Jesse and Luis” when we go out. Being the diehard introvert I am, who knows if I will meet more than 5 people down here (in the years I spent in Mountlake Terrace I am not sure I knew more than 4 people by name). But these two guys make us feel like we belong. Who could ask for more!

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  1. You don’t sound liek an introvert, but since you say you didn’t meet many people when you were up here, I can’t help but think it’s the change of scenery that’s brought out a slightly more social guy. It has to be a real pleasure, living where you do after Mountlake Terrace – I think folks are friendlier in Oregon, actually most anywhere! 😉 We’re leaving the hustle and bustle too, moving, hopefully, up to Anacortes. Here’s to change!

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