DAMN I needed that!!!

Folks, as we all know this is the week after Memorial Day, which means it is a short work week. As most of us also know, short work weeks can be tough, since you essentially have to do 5 days work in 4.

Add to it, that for some reason this week, NOTHING has been easy! In short this  work week sucked. Then today started out with an unexpected unpleasant surprise…

Michelle and I were talking this week and we honestly couldn’t remember the last time our Volvo was driven.

I first though “oh, it was just a couple of weeks ago” But when I turned the key and he was dead as a door nail. When I sat and really thought about it, I realized it was a MONTH ago.

It was solved with a set of jumper cables, and now all is fine, but it just made me mad I let that happen.

Then once again it was a hard work day… I usually work 7 – 330, and at 430, when I was still at my desk, I coulda stayed longer, but I was done!

All day Michelle kept saying “Doesn’t a bike ride sound good today!” And at 445, I went to find out!

The weather was amazing!

I took off the coat for most of the ride it was that warm. But it wasn’t just the weather. The animals were out in force today!

From the smallest

To a bit larger (The Osprey)

To the Turkey vultures

The the biggest creatures of all! Check out the whale pics!

I had so much fun watching the whales I lost track of time a bit.

By the way, except for the first one, all the whale photos were taken from the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Once again, like last week, the gates were closed early for cars. But, remembering the security guard said then that bikes and walkers were welcome even with the gates closed, I just lifted the bike over the gate and rode to the lighthouse.

I tend to live by the “Its easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission” rule

With the whale watching I did I am SO glad I didn’t let the gates stop me. They put on quite a show, and it was all for me! Work wore me out, but I was now feeling SO much better.

The ride back was almost perfect. Sun, waves, no real headwinds, It just felt good to be outside…

But, this is the coast, It was sunny and warm the whole time… Until 2.5 miles the house. Sure enough, suddenly there were clouds, headwinds and it was spitting rain!

You know what? I  DID NOT CARE!!!  It was the perfect ride. It was just what I needed, and I am now ready to face one more day!


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