WOW! I have NOT been a good blogger!!!

You know sometimes life gets busy. Work keeps you hopping, things go on outside work, and suddenly weeks will pass. Sometimes you don’t even realize it.

Then, you start wondering (ok at least I do) how’s come I haven’t had a ping from a person visiting the blog? Only to find its been 3 weeks since the last post….

Wow BAD blogger!!

Where to start where to start.

This may be a bit of a mishmash as I want to catch people up, so bear with me and we will see if I can at least make this coherent.

Well 2 Saturdays ago, I went for the longest ride of the year. Michelle was in Corvallis with Kim welcoming home the National champion Oregon State Baseball team from Omaha. GO BEAVS!

So what does a guy do when he is footloose and fancy free for a Saturday?

You guessed it! 111 miles on the bike!

I left the house and headed north through Pacific City

and on to Cape Meares and back.

It was a great ride. Winds were not bad, the sun was shining and I was in no hurry at all.

As I climbed Cape Lookout heading toward the lighthouse, I added to my lists of firsts that were seen from a bike. Just before the top of the climb was a porcupine! I pulled over where it was safe and tried to sneak back for a photo, but he had already disappeared into the bushes. He was a cute little guy!

And, I am sure you can tell why I never get tired of coming to this place.

As I came home, I may have found my next challenge….

Who’s with me???

(Maybe I could reenact this scene from one of the best worst movies ever!)

There is a scenic cut off on the way home, from Pacific City You hit the tiny town of Neskowin, and hang a left. It’s a 5 mile climb, but there are no cars and its well worth the extra effort.

As I climbed, I met up with a group of about 15 – 20 young riders. An early 20 something was leading them, and was looking a bit stressed as she was looking at a map and instructions. She asked “Will this get us to 101?”

I told her how to get where she wanted to go, and warned it was a long climb, but she was on the right track. I could see the relief in her eyes, when I waved and kept going. Helpful Valente they call me!

I was home at  4, hot and tired and hungry! After a shower (you shoulda seen the road grime) I was off to the Red Roof for pizza!

The Red Roof has become our Saturday night hang out. There will be a post about just it sometime in the future, but we have been accepted into the clan!

I sat down, and ordered what turned out to be one of the best tasting beers ever! I nursed it with a pint of water as well. Then when the pizza arrived I had another! DAMN it was good! A great topper to a great ride!

Well later that week, It was time for an after work ride. It was a long day at work and Michelle knows when to kick me out on the road.

It was just my normal 40 mile route to the lighthouse and back. But, as I have said many times since we have moved here: Things NEVER look the same twice! I got there just as a the sun had set enough to hit the top of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse!

Folks, lord knows I am NOT a photographer, but honestly these two pictures may be some of the best I have ever captured!

This last Saturday, Michelle and I played tourist.

Tillamook Cheese has just opened a new visitor center, and we hadn’t been yet. So we were up early and heading north. They did a good job, the cheese still tastes great AND they have a bike

But we both kinda miss the old one…

Its worth checking out though!

Afterwards, it was a drive to the same little lighthouse, Cape Meares.

But look what else Michelle spotted nearby!

These little ones were about 2 weeks old. Mom had given birth inside a fenced off part of the state park, and they weren’t big enough to jump the fence yet. Mom has a prebuilt playpen! They were cute as hell! And not scared of us at all.

It was a great touristy relaxing day!

Finally we come to two nights ago. Mondays at the new job are the most stressful. There is nothing better than a walk on the beach to help with this. Shoot even the turkey vultures agree!


As do the sandpipers

and, for that matter, horses!

And let me tell you, Monday night the Oregon coast put on a show. It was warm not windy and flat gorgeous.

How can anyone be stressed for too long when living here…

Folks, I will try to blog more often. But now at least I’ve caught you up on the life of the Strohs on the Oregon Coast.

Like the wind!

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  1. Chill, dude! If you set a goal of blogging at least once per month, you will meet that goal. It is great to see your reflections on the great outdoors at summer season. Each season will have its delights of weather. And it is interesting to read your descriptions of points of interest like pubs, restaurants, and visitors centers.

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