Taking advice from a crazy guy on a bike

Many of my posts begin with the fact that I am learning new stuff about where we now live all the time. This one is no exception. This time it’s about the weather.

Michelle and I have a running joke that the weatherman and weather apps flat have no idea what our weather is going to do. We look outside on a day its supposed to rain, and its sun. A day that is supposed to be calmand the trees are bending over. We just look at each other and laugh and say, “They don’t know!”

This week the story has been fog…

When you listen to the weather for the state of Oregon, these days you hear day after day, the temps are soaring into the mid 90s or even low 100s plus. In many places, sadly, there is also smoke from forest fires.

Here on the coast through it is different. Shoot, 2 weeks ago, driving home from the Seattle to Portland, the car thermometer said 100 degree in Grand Ronde. 20 miles west of there, as we entered our new home town, it was 69 degrees… I took a deep breath and let out a sigh, it was that much of a relief from the heat.

Ok a relief for me, I am a heat wimp, Michelle would MUCH prefer a bit more warmth!

Now, something I just recently learned, is that the high heat inland does have a major effect on our weather here. The warm air rises and it sucks in a bunch of cooler air off the ocean. This means two things for us. High winds and fog!

This whole week when we wake up there is fog, then during the middle of the day it is clear, but the evening is foggy again. While the rest of the world is melting, we have been in the 60s

It’s not all gloom though. My Wednesday after work bike ride showed me this well!

I took off after work about 430 and headed south. It was clear at my house, but by the time I hit Depoe Bay I was socked in. I stopped at the wall to see if there were any whales nearby, but the fog was too thick on the water to even waste time taking photos.

I did hear a couple from California tell some folks how dreary it was here. She said her sister just moved to the Oregon coast and it is so dark and cold and windy and wet, she will hate it. They don’t even have beaches here! Just coastline.

I felt bad for the lady she was talking to, too bad I couldn’t show here this.

But I just smiled, and got back on the bike, I had miles to go.

Now, 2 miles south of there is Cape Foulweather. I was soon out of the fog and getting hot in the sun. This guy was watching me climb, and you can see the blue sky above him!

It was a warm sunny day here.

On top of the cape, you can see how different areas differ with the fog.

In some places it is off shore and others it is on. Two different people on vacation 5 miles apart will have a completely different weather experience.

But I would like to point out the fog doesn’t stop real coast kids. I was out for a bike ride, and this guy was ripping up the wave off Beverly Beach, notice the fog behind him!

A few low clouds don’t stop us!

Once again though, 3 miles south of here, I was right back in it! The Yaquina Head lighthouse was shrouded and spooky!

Plus the winds were blowing hard enough that sudden cross wind almost toppled me on the bike! Cat like reflexes saved me!

As I was there hanging out a bit trying to stay warm, I saw a family standing together and dad on the phone. Dad was pissed.

He took the phone away and said “They say they are AT the lighthouse in Newport and its red and white and they are standing at the base of it! I told them we are at the lighthouse, it aint red and they aren’t here!”

Folks, if you follow this blog, you know there are TWO Newport lighthouses. Yaquina Head above and below, is Yaquina Bay.

Did you spot the red and white?

I walked over to them and told Dad. “There are two lighthouses here in town, both with the word Yaquina in it. They are at Yaquina Bay about 7 miles south of here…

“Just go down to 101, hang a right, stay in the right lane and you will get there!”

He got back on the phone and said, “OK we will be there soon! But we are taking advice from some crazy guy on a bike! Not sure how reliable that is, but we are on the way!”

I just laughed and waved as they left.

Those winds that were blowing at the lighthouse were out of the north. Sure as hell, for the 21 miles home I had pedal directly into them and fight them the whole way. I was tired and hungry AND cold by the time I got home.

But, as always, the ocean did not disappoint!

The wind, fog, sun and waves combined to make me have to stop for this photo. I couldn’t help but think of the California lady from earlier. This is far from dreary and I would take this over a warm sandy SoCal beach any day!

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  1. I have grown to love the fog over the years. It’s so mysterious. Sure, it might sock you in for a bit. But when it starts to burn off (and it will), it can create some of the most beautiful effects.

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