Any regrets?

As any regular reader knows, 4 months ago Michelle and I moved to the Oregon coast, Lincoln City to be exact.

What some may not know is that to do so, I changed jobs. I was a corporate trainer. I molded the youth of the Mighty P in my image. More specifically, I trained claims adjusters for the insurance company I work for. Walk through any office, and you will find the vast majority of the claims people who work there were trained by me at one time or another.

I was the claims cowboy and I was a DAMN good trainer!

But, to move here, it required moving back to being an adjuster. Which, in some eyes is a step backwards, and in other eyes a sign of insanity….

No kid looks at his parents and says, “Someday I want to be a claims adjuster!” It just doesn’t happen. In all honesty, most of us who do this job just kind of stumbled on it.

I will not lie, there are times the job sucks ass! Just yesterday, I truly felt like I had the crap beat out of me. I was cussed at, hung up on, and the day was non stop. Poor Michelle, who shares our home office, said she just kept hearing one continuous sigh coming from my side of the room. It was a rough day. And it is a MUCH more intense job than what I had.

Funny thing though, I am happy. In fact, in the last few days, I’ve been asked, “Do you have any regrets with your decision to change jobs. Without hesitation, the answer is: HELL NO!!

I will not lie though, if I was still in the Seattle area, I would NOT be happy….

But I am not! I live here.

I live in one of the most amazing places I could ever think of!

On particularly rough days, instead of dealing with traffic, I have a variety of beaches to walk on or rides to take.

If the tide is really low, I can head north from Roadsend park and get to a place many will never see.

I truly love watching waves hit rocks. One of these days I will bring a camp chair and a book and the camera and just hang out until the tide comes back in. One has to be careful here, not watching the tide will cut you off from civilization for quite a while…

Just this week, I hit Beverly Beach, south of us, and came to this

I was all by myself, and just stood there and smiled. Honestly, there is no way work stress can follow you here!

Well, not completely alone, out on the waves was this Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board bad ass loving the waves!

I want to try one of these, but trust me it will be on a smooth lake!!

Sometimes its just the waves and colors that make me happy

Or a seagull on the beach

But it’s not just the ocean. There are so many things I discover or stumble upon!

Last night, in the middle of the sand was this Little Clump of Sealife

barnacles, mussels and who knows what else! Colors, life and textures all combined together. And, it was just dumb luck I was there at the right time!

Then there is other wild life. I stopped at Depoe Bay coming home from Beverly Beach and found a whale putting on a show

IA blue heron spotted while on a bike ride.

A bald eagle sitting on some drift wood

Some deer walking through the neighborhood

It can be a foggy bridge when the rest of the state is sweltering

Or one of the funkiest cars I have ever seen!

Or some very fun kites spotted at dinner

Shoot, we even have mermaids!

In short, yes the job can suck. YES it can be stressful, and YES poor Michelle worries about me, but, without question, I LOVE it here, I WANT to be here and I have no regrets at all! I was meant to be a coast kid!

Shoot! Just this week I found Excalibur!! How cool is that!

Our hero Mountainstroh is one lucky boy! And he knows it!

3 thoughts on “Any regrets?

  1. Lovely post! Great message — don’t let the suckiness of a small aspect of life contaminate the awesomeness of the rest of the your life. You live in an awesome place and have so much to be grateful for; a sigh-ful work day is a minor inconvenience.

  2. So glad. You are wise to count your blessings, as no one enjoys their workday all of the time! Take the good with the bad and go outside after work! I still am trying to encourage you not to take so many LOOOONNNGG bike rides, take the scenic route on short loops instead, with lots of stops.

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