Under 200 miles???

Yesterday morning I was taking a quick ride to Newport. Michelle was getting her hair done, and I was riding south to meet her. We were going to drive back together and stop at the grocery store. It was a gorgeous day to ride! Blue sky, no wind and  the whales were out

I was cruising along when realized that Saturday was the first day of September! And as the title says, I had ridden less than 200 miles during the month of August….

Now in my defense, not that I need one, as no one is mad at me for not riding more mlles, after July I was tired!

In July, Rob and I did the one day Seattle to Portland

and cranked out 200+ miles in one day. Before this, though, were hours upon hours, and miles upon miles of training to get ready for this day.

So in all honesty, I was ready for a break!

But that doesn’t completely cover the lack of miles…

I thought about this recently. When we lived up north, and I was feeling the need for fresh air, I would grab the bike and go for a quick ride along the Burke Gilman trail. It blew the stink off me, and I got to see nature. Plus, even though flat, all bike miles count, so these quick 20 and 30s would build up.

Hear, there are other options…

When the tide is low, this is only a 1.5 mile walk from the parking lot at Road’s End.

Or, sometimes you can get buzzed by Pelicans on a very windy day at Taft beach!


I am finding myself wanting to walk after work as much as I want to ride. And with only so many hours in the day, and even less with daylight, you can’t do both after work. Beach walk wins a lot!

It’s not just the waves…

Sometimes I just have to stop for a cool rock, like this one that looks like a skeleton kid looking up

Or sometimes a surprise comes out of the fog

There is beach art

And Kite surfers

In short, even though I’ve been walking the same beach walks for 5 months. it’s never the same walk. I never walk less than 3 miles and I could just keep going…

There are also sunsets

and Moon Rises

Things that you just want to sit and enjoy!

Shoot, even just looking at the back yard is fun

But wait, let’s not forget food… This is a cheddar Breakfast muffin with an egg in the center.  I have NO idea how they do this but sitting and eating this with coffee….  YUM!!!

Not to mention the trail mix cookie (both from the Red Roof in Gleneden Beach)

In short, there is just much more to do on the Oregon Coast than just ride. I am still outside, I am still getting exercise (OK the muffin and cookie isn’t really exercise unless you count chewing) and I am still blowing the stink off me, but all of these things gut back on the miles…

But even on the bike there are distractions, King fishers





Stopping to these photos, and SO many other ones, slow me down, and get me off bike. Yep it cuts down on the overall miles.

And I am ok with that!

I am NOT giving up cycling, never will. As much as I am enjoying the beach walks, the bike still gets me places I can’t get to by car or by foot.

I can get anywhere with my two wheels, and I never have to worry about parking. I can spot whales, eagles and herons from the road that cars would miss

And, I will never get tired of feeling the road under my two tires, and knowing I can conquer any hill or head wind the coast can throw at me. (Though for the record headwinds can suck)

So rest assured, Mountainstroh will still be riding, and loving it. But for damn sure this is NOT gonna be a record year for miles.

Too bad I haven’t kept track of the beach miles I have walked!! I KNOW that would have been a new record!!!

Might have to start doing that in January…

4 thoughts on “Under 200 miles???

  1. Change it up, buddy! Walking is good for you, and you need to give yourself a break with all of the transitions you are going through this year. It takes a year to adjust to moving house, job re-assignment, etc. It is a year of re-setting your body, mind, and spirit.

  2. Variety is the spice of life, and your new life is definitely quite spicey!
    There will certainly be no complaints from the peanut gallery. Less miles means we get a wider variety of topics to read about! Hip hip hooray!

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